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In excess of 50 MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) have promised to put fire safety first following recent elections.  The pledge comes in light of a call issued by the campaign called FireSafetyFirst, which was launched by Fire Safe Europe; an initiative centred on

Global Fire Research, LLC is proud to announce the launch of www.GlobalFireResearch.com, the premier global website for the sharing of fire knowledge. The site is intended for researchers and firefighters alike to share information and foster discussion in order to improve firefighter safety, advance fire operations, and further fire

What needs to be considered in the construction process to ensure adequate passive fire protection in buildings? Passive fire protection; it is really not that exciting a term and I am sometimes envious of our colleagues in the active area, as the word ‘active’ makes ‘active

The growing sophistication of emergency lighting systems means that as well as being a vital part of a building’s life safety infrastructure they can also save money and reduce CO2 emissions thanks to the advantages intelligent LED-based solutions with advanced battery technology have over traditional

Oxygen-reduction fire prevention is a revolution in fire safety, and the world’s latest technological innovation in fire prevention. It has the unique ability to create an environment of breathable, controlled oxygen-reduced air that prevents fire ignition. Oxygen-reduction systems prevent fire proactively instead of suppressing a

As the use of intumescent coatings to protect structural steelwork from the effects of fire in buildings grows the understanding of the technology and its correct use needs to intensify. There are many aspects to a well-developed fire protection industry; both ‘passive’ and ‘active’ measures are