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FLIR Systems is adding the K2 and K65 to its industry-leading lineup of K-Series thermal imaging cameras that provide firefighters with the capability to see through smoke, locate and rescue victims, identify hot spots, navigate safely, and stay better oriented during response missions. Extremely affordable thermal imaging for firefighters The K2 brings FLIR’s powerful life-saving thermal technology to

MSA introduced one of the first firefighting thermal imaging cameras over a decade ago. In the years following, we’ve refined TIC design through innovation and expertise, delivering several successful generations of market-leading TICs. Our state-of-the-art cameras help you in various situations, such as fast and

As a world leading provider of advanced thermal imaging equipment to the fire industry, Scott Safety prides itself on its unique ability to enhance the performance and operability of its thermal imaging cameras well beyond their core and most basic function. Our cameras are well-known

Thermal imagers manufactured by Bullard are designed to endure the harshest environments to meet the demanding needs of firefighters. The Company introduced its first high-resolution thermal imager to the fire service market in 1998 with the innovative Bullard TI. Today, Bullard continues to lead the

Halo Thermal Imaging, based at Durham Tees Valley Airport recently launched the first true, hands-free thermal imaging camera at the Interschutz tradeshow in Hannover, Germany. The Halo is is a game changer for the industry, providing firefighters and first responders with the freedom for versatility required in hostile environments. With its patentable technology; it’s the