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BSI has published BS 9251:2014 (Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies. Code of practice), which gives recommendations for the design, installation, components, water supplies and backflow protection, commissioning, maintenance and testing of fire sprinkler systems in domestic and residential occupancies. The Code of

Update on the EU F-Gas Regulation & its Impact on HFC-Based Clean Fire Extinguishing Agents. Since their introduction in the early 1990s, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) based clean agents have been the most widely specified clean agents for fire protection of sensitive, valuable and mission critical equipment and

Major road tunnel fires are thankfully rare incidents. Rail tunnel fires rarer still. Yet, when they do occur, the cost can be devastating in terms of the high numbers of casualties, substantial repair costs and significant, often nationally felt economic disruption. The Gotthard Tunnel fire marked

In 2005 The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) published the revised guidelines IMO MSC/Circ. 1165 for equivalent water-based fire-extinguishing systems as referred to in SOLAS 74 for machinery spaces and cargo pump-rooms. By this amendment the existing MSC/Circ. 668, as amended by MSC/Circ. 728, was given