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All too often passive fire safety techniques hit the headlines when things go wrong. The risks to people and buildings are clear, but with safety measures stretching across disciplines as diverse as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and glazing it’s understandable that major contractors and building operators

FirePro systems is a European active fire protection engineering company specializing in the design, production and distribution of environmentally friendly fire suppression systems. It is considered the leading brand of the condensed aerosol technology with operations in more than 110 countries. Environmentally Friendly Compound: The eco-friendly

For nearly two centuries, heavy timber structures, predominantly utilized as industrial and commercial occupancies, have encountered fires and yet still remain standing. Oftentimes, firefighters are taught in the academy how treacherous heavy timber structures can be. However, the performance history of heavy timber indicates that

In the wake of The Address Downtown Dubai hotel fire and other high profile fires in tall buildings, Niall Rowan outlines the Association for Specialist Fire Protection’s initiatives to provide an affordable fire test for manufacturers of cavity barriers used in façades and rain screens. Another