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Extinguishing agents today have to meet many different requirements for aircraft protection. Fire extinguishing agents must be effective on fuel spill fires, engine fires, cause no ‘collateral’ damage to components not involved in the fire and finally, must be environmentally safe. NFPA 407 Standard for Aircraft

ADVANCED’s AlarmCalm’s combination of panel firmware, powerful configuration software and intelligent, loop-powered alarm acknowledgement devices delivers a complete solution to false alarm management that will suit almost any building or site strategy and promises to radically reduce false alarms. AlarmCalm provides total control over alarm verification

For the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to travel the world as NFPA’s global ambassador. I have presented at conferences, visited fire academies and firehouses, met with other standards developers, engaged with NFPA’s international chapter members, and shared ideas with fire safety

Just as fire safety is a concern in many aspects of our everyday lives, there are many factors that influence how individual protection systems are designed, how components are selected and how they are integrated into buildings for effective use. Codes, standards, product certifications, insurance requirements

Creating more resilient buildings is a watchword in the construction industry. Organisations including the influential Rockefeller Foundation are taking a lead in the debate around how we create cities for the future that can cope with climate change and consume less energy. Urban administrations have also

PROTECTOWIRE FIRESYSTEMS has announced the release of an advanced product line of linear heat detectors utilizing confirmed temperature initiation (CTI) sensing technology. This patented technology reaffirms the company’s tradition of developing advanced and innovative fire detection products. Utilizing the thermoelectric effect, the new detectors have

Dupré Minerals’ AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) is a revolutionary fire extinguishing agent designed for flammable metal fires, specifically Magnesium powder and Magnesium swarf. It offers significantly superior performance across the flammable metal range and has key benefits over existing solutions. Dupré have proven that AVD