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In today’s world safety is becoming more and more important for businesses, institutions and facilities. Weather you work in the education, healthcare, government, commercial, hospitality or industrial sectors fire safety plays a huge roll in how a building is designed. Fire doors are a very important

Coltraco Ultrasonics is a leading UK based OEM of ultrasonic measuring equipment for the maintenance and monitoring of fixed fire suppression systems. The company was originally started back in 1987 and manufactured one product called Portalevel™ which had been developed for use on board naval vessels

Chuck Lewis of Coopers Fire Ltd explains the legal implications of the Construction Products Regulation for manufacturers and suppliers of smoke barriers. The full introduction of the Construction Products Regulation on 1 July 2013 resulted in significant changes to the rules that apply to the supply

Railway stations combine large numbers of people with considerable fire loads from multiple trains and complex electrical systems, so fire protection in the station environment is inherently complex. However, if that station is underground, the challenges intensify significantly. When a fire occurs in an underground environment,