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In today’s world of innovative and increasingly challenging building design, it has never been more important to consider fire safety as an intrinsic part of the overall building design process. Life safety is paramount and cannot be compromised in any way. How can one ensure

A common denominator linking manufacturers of reliable, trustworthy, quality-controlled construction products is independent third-party testing. Before taking their products to market, these manufacturers invest in the help of independent third party laboratories, such as fire protection testing specialist Exova Warringtonfire, to negotiate a complex labyrinth

Over the last twelve months there has been increasing discussion in the UK about the different routes to compliance for the façades of buildings containing living or work space 18 metres, or more, above ground level. The complexities of the regulations, combined with a general

Electrical power is important part of our day-to-day life that’s sometime taken for granted. Almost everything needs power; we sometimes forget how it is quietly transmitted across thousands of kilometers from generating stations to homes, schools, hospitals, refineries, through essential infrastructure: the conductors. To enable

With a new Fire Code due for imminent release in the UAE and high rise building owners expecting increased regulation on external curtain walling and cladding for new buildings, Coopers Fire explains how fire curtain barrier systems may be used to provide boundary protection to