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Isolatek International is recognized throughout the world as the leader in passive fireproofing technology. With over 60 years of pioneering technical advancements, Isolatek is committed to providing the best life safety materials that will save lives and protect structural assets in the event of a

Fire Shield I AG is the exclusive distribution partner of Genius Development Company which developed the tested PyroBubbles® extinguishing agent and various product derivatives. This worldwide unique product, PyroBubbles®, is an examined fire extinguishing agent by the MPA Dresden according to DIN EN (Class A, B,

MDM Publishing Limited publishers of International Fire Protection (IFP), Asia Pacific Fire (APF) and International Fire Fighter (IFF) magazines will be distributing copies of their publications from their booth at Interschutz 2015 and NFPA, Chicago. The Team will also be at FIREX International 2015 meeting with

Control Logic is a leading IR detectors producer in Italy and worldwide. The RIV-601P/S IR Spark Detector is designed for dust collection systems to protect storage silos from the risk of fire. It detects sparks with its highly sensitive infrared sensor, intercepts and extinguishes them in

Coltraco Ultrasonics, a UK based OEM of fixed fire suppression system ultrasonic monitoring equipment will be exhibiting at 2 of this year’s leading fire trade shows. Once again we will be exhibiting at the NFPA show in Chicago and at Interschutz the leading international show