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Dafo Fomtec AB

Dafo Fomtec AB

Dafo Fomtec AB is a producer and supplier of firefighting foams, powders and equipment. We are an independent and privately owned company with head office in Stockholm and production in Helsingborg in Sweden.

We are dedicated to high quality and high performing firefighting products to fulfill your demands. Many of our products have international recognized approvals such as: UL, FM, EN 1568, ICAO, IMO, MED and so on. During the years, we have put a lot of resources and effort in research and development to continuously improve our product portfolio – both regarding performance and environmental profile. As a part of this work, we perform annually over 300 full size fire tests where new products are put to the limit before they are sent for approval and placed on the market.

Our product portfolio consists of a wide range of products of all kinds and for all markets. The film forming AFFF- and AFFF-AR foams have been successfully transferred to the short chain C6-fluorosurfactants. Their performances have been evaluated in full scale fire tests before released to the market. In the range you also find protein-based foams, such as P-, FP-, FFFP and FFFP-AR types. We also offer a wide range of fluorine free foams – marketed with the name Enviro. Here you find Class A foams, multipurpose foams and FFF-types. The latter being fluorine free foams with high fire performance to be an alternative for AFFF- and AFFF-AR types. We also offer different types of foam solutions (premixes) as well as training foams – the latter especially designed to have as small environmental impact as possible.

For more information, go to www.fomtec.com

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