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Founded in 1991, Dynax is a leading producer of fluorotelomer-based surfactants and foam stabilizers used in fire-fighting foam applications. As a result of the SBIR project carried out for the Air Force, Dynax developed environmentally more benign AFFFs and proposed higher performance standards for Mil-spec agents. Dynax also developed the first polymeric foam stabilizer (C6≥99%), making it possible for customers to produce low-viscosity or Newtonian AR-AFFF.

Dynax fluorochemicals, all derived from a high-purity short-chain (≤C6) fluorotelomer intermediate, neither contain PFOS and nor degrade into PFOS or PFOA.

With more than 90 years of combined experience in the fire-fighting foam industry, Dynax’s expertise includes the development of new and innovative fluorochemicals and technical support to foam agent producers.

Today, as one of the largest producer and supplier of specialty fluorochemicals to the fire-fighting foam industry, Dynax continues to develop benchmark products to further strengthen its growing leadership.

For more information, go to www.dynaxcorp.com

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