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Fire statistics in many countries show that a majority of the victims of fatal fires belongs to groups in the society that can be categorized as vulnerable, and efforts to prevent this must be efficiently targeted. Background In 2015 SP Fire Research, together with NTNU Social Research,

Understanding different fire safety acts throughout the United Kingdom is something that every individual must take part in. Typically, most locations in the United Kingdom are well known for handing the responsibility for fire safety to the individuals that either own or even merely occupy

In today’s world of innovative and increasingly challenging building design, it has never been more important to consider fire safety as an intrinsic part of the overall building design process. Life safety is paramount and cannot be compromised in any way. How can one ensure

When fire breaks out in a highly-populated building, the first priority is to ensure occupant safety, normally by quick evacuation. But what happens when the purpose of that building is to prevent people from being evacuated? That’s one of the dilemmas in designing fire safety