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3F Foams

For the past ten years the fire industry has been struggling to find the answer to the environmental issues surrounding foam concentrates. But now, following four years of research and development 3F are clearly on their own when it comes to new generation products. 3F have now developed into Europe’s leading manufacturer of technologically advanced foam concentrates. ‘Solvent Free’ technology was developed by 3F to reduce by 50% the COD and BOD of fire-fighting foam. This technology known as Smart Foam has been introduced to foams that contain fluoro surfactants and foams that are Fluoro Free, to provide a further environmental benefit for the end user.

In terms of both fire performance and lowest environmental profile, 3F are the first manufacturer in the world to introduce ‘Fluoro Free and Solvent Free’ foam to the industry. FREEDOL SF is the first FFF-AR of its kind using this technology and proving to the market that AFFF and AFFF-AR can be replaced when required. Another first is FREEDEX SF1, the only ‘Fluoro Free and Solvent Free’ foam approved to EN3 for Class B and Class A with two of Europe’s leading extinguisher manufacturers for use in stored pressure and cartridge extinguishers. This new Smart Foam product is now approved with a Chinese manufacturer to the Australian and New Zealand standards and will continue to expand into other world markets in the coming years.

For more information, go to www.3fff.co.uk

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