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4EVAC – Compact 500

4EVAC – Compact 500 – A new class of voice-alarm control and indication equipment solutions

Launched in 2016 the Compact 500 is a VACIE system is a unique ‘all in one’, wall mounted solution that breaks the mould of traditional VA systems.

It’s based on a powerful distributed boxed-amplifier concept, which integrates cutting-edge digital audio-distribution technology. It comprises a series of compact self-contained wall- mounted control and indicating voice-alarm panels.

The Compact 500 cleverly provides all the simplicity of a stand-alone traditional system whilst offering all the advanced benefits of Global Network Topology.

Providing a solution that meets a growing demand – being easy to operate, easy to install and infinitely configurable, and appeals to the end user; the installer; architects and electrical contractors.

Designed and manufactured in Europe to rigorous specifications, it delivers the reliability and quality that is synonymous with 4EVAC.The Compact 500 is fully compliant with the EN54-16 certification. For additional peace of mind all 4EVAC products are third party approved and certified to all European standards including: EN54-16, EN54-4:, and EN50130-4.

Despite its lean and compact footprint the Compact 500 is packed with features that makes it an extremely advanced and flexible system.

At the heart of each unit is its powerful DA200 Class D amplifier. Highly efficient and robust it features a ‘Sleep-mode’ that ensures its overall power consumption is the lowest in its sector.

Each DA200 amplifier delivers 2 x 100 Watt or can be linked into 1 x 200 Watt ‘bridge mode’ offering return-loop zone methods using 4EVAC’s Loopdrive, or with the Compact 500’s SW8 Switching module. There’s default PSE and battery charging capacity to serve a maximum 600 Watt loudspeaker load.

The innovative SW8-Switching Module is an efficient and cost saving add-on to the Compact 500. Adding more zones using fewer amplifiers, it connects directly to a single output line of the DA-200.

As a simple way of distributing high power over multiple small loads, there’s no need for rack building, nor any complicated engineering. Adding to the immense versatility of the Compact 500, the SW8 switching module facilitates Background Music and Paging with the capability to switch to its additional third channel used by the surveillance generator to maintain integral detection.

As a ‘system in a box’ each Compact 500 drives two ‘live-stream’ audio channels and one serial data channel (RS485) over a redundant Global-Network-Loop.

Its redundant token ring network topology provides a communications platform for global incident warnings, control and information sharing that does not require any form of centralized processing.

This dynamic way of audio distribution makes the Compact 500 the most versatile system in the industry.

It comes pre-equipped with a host of pre- and post-processing software modules, including: volume controllers, routing, mixing, switching and prioritizing. Plus processing components including: equalisers, limiters and delay-lines.

Communicating through global zones, it operates six-channel message players that send synchronized audio into these local zones using 6 x 70W using its additional active back-up amplifiers.

The integrated local Message storage modules (WAV-format) hold 16 audio files. Distributed simultaneously over the six local output lines serving phased-evacuation. For a large scale synchronized incident warning, all message-storage is channeled between multiple Compact 500 output-lines.

The Compact 500 wall-mounted system is always installed so that the front panel controls and Fireman’s microphone are easily accessible. In the event of an emergency, it provides clear vocal messages to all the evacuation zones.

As a modular system, the Compact 500 is infinitely configurable. It’s equally at home servicing a both private and public sector buildings from a tower block environment, supermarket chain, leisure centre or offices.

With a maximum capacity of 255 boxed-VACIE panels in a Global Network, each serving six-zones, a single installation can reach over 1500 speaker lines, cumulating in multiple paging zones within an impressive architecture of 256 priorities.

Each Compact 500 holds a copy of the global system settings on an exchangeable SD card. It continues working even in the event of total loss of communication. Ensuring unparalleled ‘survivability’ compared to conventional systems, which are limited in relying on a central control device.

4EVAC Manager is a management application tool that provides an accessible view of any systems’ configuration. It features Flashcard exchange protocol for quick systems updates and programming without any need for a computer. Systems programming has never been this simple!

For more information, go to www.4evac.com

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