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Wherever performance, quality and ease-of use are important you’ll find an Advanced fire system installed.

Advanced is a world leader in intelligent fire systems. Its products are installed in all manner of locations in over 60 countries worldwide, from the simple to the most prestigious and challenging. These include landmark hi-rise buildings and critical infrastructure projects including many across the middle east.

The device, peripherals, interface and control options available mean Advanced fire systems can go further and do more. Panels are available from single-loop to eight-loop versions and networks can support up to 200 panels and millions of cause and effect options.

Advanced’s networking is one of the most efficient and robust on the market, and allows the system to scale easily whilst retaining performance advantages such as speed and robustness.

Leading features and innovations available include synchronized audio, fan and damper control, false alarm management, touch screen graphical control, Active Maps, integrated fault finding, CO detection, internet access, BMS integration and dual redundancy.

Advanced’s systems are approved to EN54, UL864 and a host of regional standards. Its core fire systems are augmented by specialist extinguishant release and suppression control systems, radio paging panels, emergency lighting test systems and conventional fire panels.


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