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AMEREX Integrated

AMEREX Integrated

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a transformative tool for the workplace, with connected devices and smart sensors boosting productivity, safety and security throughout business processes. The information gathered by these smart devices is transmitted near instantly to computer servers in health and safety departments, or in data centres, where it is sorted and analysed. The servers will populate software that will enable the workplace to operate with more efficiency, effectiveness, and, of course, more safely.

Designed to be a failsafe system, AIMS gives users the ability to remotely monitor everything from planning, to assessment, to response, by delivering real-time information around the clock. This breakthrough solution also provides users with the capacity to connect with remote team members immediately, to ensure everyone involved is kept up to speed as the incident and its resolution progresses. And, as a liability-limiting feature, AIMS creates a virtual papertrail that cannot be tampered with, thereby generating a solid record that can be used post-incident for investigative or insurance purposes.


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