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SOTERIA Dimension combines functionality and style.

Apollo – Refining fire detection with new Soteria® Dimension®

The SOTERIA® range of fire detection devices from Apollo Fire Detectors has an exciting new product addition, SOTERIA Dimension® a chamberless, and flush-fitting, optical detector that combines functionality and style. Designed to fit perfectly in locations with the most demanding aesthetic needs, SOTERIA Dimension uses new optical sensing technology in a ‘virtual sensing chamber’.

The Benefits

Where aesthetics are crucial, the flush-fitting design of SOTERIA Dimension is the perfect choice for architects when designing modern commercial buildings and for specifiers seeking a modern solution when updating existing systems.

The devices have been designed for easy maintenance and servicing. The absence of a chamber reduces the build-up of dust on the sensors, and the flat surface can simply be wiped clean. However, it is also worth knowing that the combination of proximity sensors and specific algorithms, ensures that any dust or insect build up would trigger a fault mode, rather than a false alarm. Also, a new FasTest® mode can be enabled on CoreProtocol fire control panels to facilitate quicker testing of detectors with appropriate test equipment.

The Technology

Replacing the physical chamber with a virtual chamber outside the detector sets SOTERIA Dimension apart from a standard optical detector. The fundamental principle of operation remains the same: An infra-red (IR) emitter fires light, which is scattered when smoke is present, and is collected by a photo-receiver.

Each device contains two daylight-filtering photo-diodes and three IR emitters at differing positions and angles. These combine to act as smoke and proximity sensors; measuring smoke levels in the virtual chamber and detecting any physical obstruction or interference within the detector, which make the detector register a fault rather than a false alarm.

Ultimately making the alarm decision, a pair of microprocessors control the sensors, setting the timings and using a digital, phase-sensitive detection algorithm to reduce noise and the effect of background light. SOTERIA Dimension detectors are designed to communicate with Apollo CoreProtocol®, a fire loop communication protocol that provides greater flexibility, higher levels of intelligence and significantly more loop power. The range is also backward compatible with Apollo Discovery and Apollo XP95 protocols.

An additional variant to the range is SOTERIA Dimension Specialist, a detector that encompasses all the technology of the standard SOTERIA Dimension device, with the added features of an anti-ligature metal faceplate and tamper-resistant screws. These tough detectors have been tested and approved for anti-ligature certification to TS001 and meets the requirements of Ministry of Justice specification STD/E/SPEC/038. The result is a detector with greater resilience against interference or damage, making them the perfect choice for use in high-risk areas such as prisons, custodial suites and healthcare establishments. The entire SOTERIA Dimension range has surpassed the requirements of European Standards EN 54 Part 7 and EN 54 Part 17.

The Evolution of SOTERIA®

Launched in 2016, SOTERIA offers the next generation of fire detection technology and is designed to improve detection, reduce false alarms and deliver improved reliability. The SOTERIA range reflects Apollo’s ambition to deliver a real focus on innovation, with SOTERIA Dimension the latest addition to the SOTERIA family.

“When we launched the SOTERIA range, we made a commitment to our sector that we would continue to develop products which would extend our focus on innovation and SOTERIA Dimension does exactly that,” comments Karl Westhead, technical director at Apollo. “Developed by our team of highly skilled design engineers in our world-class facility, this exciting new Apollo technology means that we can provide architects, system designers, specifiers and installers with an exciting alternative to traditional fire detection devices.”

For more information visit www.apollo-fire.co.uk/soteria-dimension

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