Adrian Pargeter
Adrian Pargeter
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Head of Technical and Product Development Kingspan Insulation Limited.

A clear difference

The terms “combustible”, “non-combustible” and “limited-combustibility” are frequently referenced as part of the debate surrounding the changes to the Building Regulations in England in relation to fire. These classifications, achieved largely through bench tests of small product samples under the…

Testing times

Ever since the appalling loss of life in the Grenfell Tower disaster, the UK construction industry has been under intense scrutiny, from the types of building materials that we use, to the quality of installation, the way we design, and…

Simplest is not always safest

Over the last twelve months there has been increasing discussion in the UK about the different routes to compliance for the façades of buildings containing living or work space 18 metres, or more, above ground level. The complexities of the…

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