Alan Brinson
Alan Brinson
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Alan Brinson is Executive Director of the European Fire Sprinkler Network.

Sprinklers are a core fire safety measure

Across Europe national sprinkler markets are booming, with many showing record levels of activity. Installers complain they cannot find staff and are poaching from each other, training programmes for designers and fitters are booked out. Yet according to Eurostat, building…

Fire Sprinkler International Munich – 19th-20th April 2016

Sprinklers were invented in the 19th century yet manufacturers continue to invest huge sums to improve them. Fire Sprinkler International 2016 is the place to catch up with developments. “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path…

Regulators across Europe increasingly recognise Sprinklers

In a few weeks Wales will become the first country to require sprinklers in all new housing. This is the most dramatic example of how regulators increasingly recognise the life safety benefits of sprinklers. It is part of a trend,…

Latest Progress by Sprinklers and Water Mist in Europe

European codes and standards increasingly recognise sprinklers and water mist. Over the past decade, most European countries have introduced requirements to fit sprinklers in new high rise buildings. Most of those countries that did not already require sprinklers in shopping…

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