Jifeng Yuan
Jifeng Yuan
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Dr Jifeng Yuan is General Manager of Fire & Building Products Asia at Element Materials Technology.

Liquefied Natural Gas fires: The damage on structures

In most regions of the world natural gas is the fastest growing energy resource. This trend has been persistent since the new millennium and is expected to continue, driven by the low greenhouse gas emission regulations that drive the energy…

Fire design of composite beams with web openings protected with reactive intumescent coating

Fire engineering designing of structures has been proven to be an effective method of designing constructions. However, that does not mean the elimination of protective methods, but the efficient use of protective products. This paper reviews the most common method…

What is the difference between tunnel test methods?

Through the years, regulatory bodies in the United States, the Middle East and Canada have incorporated the Steiner Tunnel test as their standard method to evaluate fire performance of interior finish materials.

Fire Safety – the weakest link

In today’s world of innovative and increasingly challenging building design, it has never been more important to consider fire safety as an intrinsic part of the overall building design process. Life safety is paramount and cannot be compromised in any…

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