K. C. Adiga
K. C. Adiga
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K.C. Adiga, Ph.D. is the President of NanoMist Fire Safety (NFS) company developing hybrid fire suppression systems and modeling its behavior. He has a Ph.D. in rocket fuel combustion. He continues his R&D in fire protection, materials, and CFD modeling areas. Dr. Adiga is currently focused on commercializing NanoMist Hybrid System for datacenters, telecommunication space, machinery space, and other applications avoiding volume wetting and operate at low operating pressure not requiring air tight enclosures.

NanoMist hybrid fire suppression technology overview

Nanomist hybrid system (NHS) is a disruptive fire protection technology using ultrafine water mist below 10-micron blended with nitrogen through a unique injector design generating converging diverging discharge flow. The system runs on UPS batteries. NHS has short extinction time…

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