Markus Mueller
Markus Mueller
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Markus Mueller is Director for Vertical Application Management at Securiton AG.

Reliable fire and smoke detection in recycling facilities

Waste is per se something ‘dirty’; hence, the environmental conditions within recycling facilities are most challenging. In addition, the environment is highly dynamic, the level of dust changes very quickly when, for example, trucks are loaded or unloaded. Furthermore, fires…

Early warning fire detection in underground stations

Based on UN’s world urbanisation prospects, the total amount of megacities – urban conglomerations with more than 10 million people, such as Shanghai or Lagos – will quadruple in just 40 years. The cities will grow by nearly 600 million…

Fast heat detection for fires on transformers

Electrical transmission and distribution systems are the heart of every economy. Demand for electricity rapidly increases as a country becomes more developed and industrialised. Transformers are an essential part of the power grid that supplies electricity to homes, offices and…

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