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Paul Fannin received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of MN – Twin Cities. He has worked in various roles at 3M, including a technical aide in the Corporate Research Lab, a laboratory technician in the Adhesive Sealants Lab of the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, and has been a Technical Service Engineer in Fire Protection Products since December of 2014.

A new method for firestopping construction joints

Primary purposes of firestop installations include protecting the overall structure of a building and protecting the lives inside it.

Incorrectly installed firestopping products pose a challenge to both those objectives. Even though most installers know building requirements and codes well and can be highly skilled, mistakes can still be made.

Firestopping is a dynamic, changing field. The industry has gotten better at identifying the causes of building fires and developing ways to prevent them. As building codes become more stringent, proper firestopping becomes more essential to pass inspection and keep people safe. As the industry evolves, shouldn’t our firestopping products evolve as well, so that we can meet those regulations without sacrificing efficiency in application and inspection?

Firestop tape – A new standard in firestopping

Firestop installers are in the life safety business. While firestopping is a key component in the overall protection of the building structure, it is also critical for protecting the lives inside the building. One of the biggest challenges in firestopping…

Proactively stopping fire with foam

A fire in a building can be tragic. Even without lives lost, victims may still suffer lost property and sense of security. Also, there is the financial burden and inconvenience that a fire can cause. Protecting from loss critical, which…

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