Rajko Eichhorn
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Rajko Eichhorn is Head of Business Development and Product Manager at JOB Thermobulbs GmbH based in Ahrensburg (Germany). After his time as an aircraft electronics officer with the German Navy, Mr. Eichhorn worked with global companies, mostly in electronics and safety solutions. Mr. Eichhorn is an electrical engineering graduate and holds an MBA from Manchester Business School.

The world’s smallest fire extinguisher helps mitigate fire risks

An innovative and device-integrated fire-protection concept allows reducing the inherent fire risks that come with any electric cabinet, device and appliance. Components so small they fit inside electric products detect and suppress emerging fires directly at the point of origin…

Detecting and fighting fires at the earliest possible point in time helps mitigate risks and costs

Consideration of the modern “device-integrated-fire-protection” way of thinking offers a pro-active way to deal with the inherent fire risk of such electricity powered equipment. With automatic mini fire extinguishers and extinguishing bulbs, starting fires can reliably be detected at a…

It is time to challenge the traditional approach to fire prevention!

Existing fire-prevention models from around the world are well-founded: they consider organizational, structural, defensive as well as system-aided methods to minimize the impact of fires. They all have one thing in common: they do not fully consider the revelations from…

Innovative device-integrated protection helps minimizing business interruptions

Most fires start small. Many fires often remain undetected for a significant time. Fires that have started in electric and electronic devices develop quickly and, uncontained, are way too often causing tragic damage to assets and people. With automatic miniature…

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