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FireView – Why do you pay more to inspect heat and smoke detectors?

If you are tired of changing aerosols or cartridges to test smoke detectors, FireView is here for you. Don’t spend any extra money to buy aerosol sprays or cartridges. FireView contains an affordable and sustainable smoke generation system which eliminates…

Siemens protects unique works of art

Like billowing sails, a new Paris landmark rises above the treetops of the world-famous Bois de Boulogne Park: the Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum designed by none other than U.S. star architect Frank Gehry. But it’s not just its design that…

Yet another world heritage site gets Advanced fire protection

Durham Cathedral, the 1,000-year-old World Heritage Site and one of Britain’s most visited buildings, is now protected by market-leading intelligent fire panels from Advanced. Founded in 1093 and the final resting place of St Cuthbert, Durham Cathedral remains the seat…

Welcome to Firex International 2017

FIREX International takes place at London’s Excel from 20th – 22nd June 2017. It is the only event that connects the global fire and security markets, and gives fire and security professionals access to the very latest technology from suppliers…

Safety Technology International

STI manufacture an extensive and unique range of fire, safety and security products, many of which will be on display at the trade shows in June.

Within the range is an audible polycarbonate protective cover designed to retrofit over manual call points, which is globally recognised by authorities as an essential fire system component on sites where the risk of false alarms is high, for example education, health care and housing.

The polycarbonate range also includes weatherproof enclosures. An ideal solution to extend the life and reliability of call points and switches exposed to harsh conditions such as factory wash down areas.

Also within the Stopper Line are alarm devices for fire extinguishers and fire doors as well as a comprehensive range of protective anti-vandal cages, resettable call points, push buttons and key switches.

The newest edition to the ReSet Call Point series is the UL listed Global ReSet. A unique manual call point that mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a resettable operating element.

Polyseam Ltd

Protecta® is a market leader of passive fire protection products and offers an extensive range of penetration and linear gap seals, designed to provide systems which meet the harshest requirements of today’s building and construction projects. Protecta products have been tested to the highest standards through our on-going development and test programme in co-operation with major laboratories including UL, EXOVA, SP and BRE and are manufactured in our factory using the highest quality materials. Protecta is a member of the ASFP and RIBA and all core products have achieved the markets best European Technical Assessment (ETA) possible.

Our products include:

Protecta® FR Acrylic
Protecta® FR Graphite
Protecta® FR IPT
Protecta® FR Foam
Protecta® FR Board
Protecta® EX Mortar
Protecta® FR Pillows
Protecta® FR Flexi Joint
Protecta® FR Cable Transit
Protecta® FR Damper
Protecta® FR Graphite Plate
Protecta® Interior Paint FR-1
Protecta® FR Coating
Protecta® FR Collar
Protecta® FR Pipe Wrap
Protecta® Putty Pads
The best choice to protect against the spread of fire.


Patol will be returning to Firex International with Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) and the wide range of applications for which it is ideally suited very much the focus of attention. Patol will be highlighting the capabilities of the Securiton SecuriRAS range of ASD systems – developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany – for which Patol is the exclusive distributor in the UK.

ASD is widely employed as a fire detection technology, providing fast and early detection of smoke particles to ensure it is employed in many different environments, from warehouses, museums, IT and data centre facilities to laboratories, clean rooms and cold stores. Kelvin Miller is Sales Director for Patol and recognises the recent successes achieved with SecuriRAS as providing an excellent platform from which to build – “The food industry has been an area in which we’ve been particularly active. In several applications, the particular challenges of cold stores and their low temperatures have been met through our ASD offering. The particularly quiet operation of the detector’s high performance fan – one of the quietest on the market – is also proving very popular and is opening up opportunities in a number of different applications.”

The SecuriRAS range is EN54-20 approved to class A, B & C and provides options for effective, scalable fire monitoring of small single premises through to much larger facilities.


Pipe Penetration Fire Protection

PAROC fire protection solutions for pipe penetrations include fire resistance up to 120 minutes and are based on one product: PAROC Hvac Section AluCoat T. This standard high quality product is already popular

for thermal and condensation insulation of pipework. The solution can be used in rigid decks and walls, such as concrete or aerated concrete. It is also tested and classified for fire rated flexible walls e.g. gypsum boards and studs.

Penetration Sealing Fire Batts

PAROC stone wool batts are offered to specialist fire stopping suppliers who typically paint them with intumescent coatings. They prevent the passage of fire and smoke between compartment walls and floors whilst still allowing the installation of services. The system can seal cables, cable trays, and other penetrations, and is suitable for flexible walls, rigid floors and walls.

Structural Steel Fire Protection – glue free system

When exposed to fire, all commonly used structural materials lose some of their mechanical strength. Heavily loaded steel will lose its designed safety margin at a temperature around 550°C – regardless of the grade of steel. To protect the structural steel in your building, use high quality PAROC FPS 17 fire protection slabs.

NECO Fire Gard

At this year’s FIREX International leading manufacturer of fire safety products, NECO Fire Gard will showcase its comprehensive fire safety solutions and launch its signature product, The NECO 24v DC Tubular Motor.

Over the two days, visitors to the stand (G65) can enjoy demonstrations of the new, patented 24v DC Tubular Motor, showcasing its high-quality gravity and non-gravity failsafe features. Visitors will also be able to see demonstrations of NECO Fire Gard’s fire & smoke curtains and various fire rated roller shutters.

The 24v DC Tubular Motors has been designed and manufactured to meet industry needs. It uses ground-breaking DC fire safety technology and is suitable for use with fire curtains, smoke curtains, fire rated roller shutters and high-usage doors.

The 24v DC Tubular Motor is sold with the DC Fire Control Panel and the NECO DC Group Controller. It offers many features including up to 96 hours of battery back-up, volt free fire alarm connection and emergency retract and delivers full control with all site situations.

Founded just over ten years ago, NECO Fire Gard has grown to be a global market leader in fire safety. NECO Fire Gard combine innovation and advanced technology to deliver a range of products with impeccable safety standards and outstanding fire safety credentials.

Global Fire Equipment S.A.

This will certainly be one of the most exciting participations by Global Fire Equipment at a FIREX show, where a completely new line-up of addressable panels will be showcased for the first time.

GEKKO, a medium sized panel with up to 4 loops and the high-end OCTO-PLUS system, which with CHAMELEON full peer to peer distributed network, can achieve 64 nodes – building a system with up to 256 loops with single point program for the complete network.

At the device level, GFE-SWR new range of ATEX Flame detectors will also be on display along with Aspiration high sensitivity detectors. The second generation of our WEB interface will also be operational for an immersive hands-on experience.

Responding to the numerous queries of our global customer base asking for a conventional ZEOS detector, the new ZEOS+ detector will be presented, alongside with new addressable CO / Smoke. This new generation of devices are 4 times more energy efficient which will enable the coexistence of 125 devices together with 125 loop powered sounders in the same analogue loop. If all the above is not enough for a visit, I’m sure that our Portuguese hospitality will be!


Give us one minute of your time at FIREX International and we will show you how we are taking beam smoke detection to the next level.

At the show we’ll be launching an innovative Fireray Range of Optical Beam Smoke Detectors for the protection of wide open spaces and harsh and demanding environments. Visitors to the stand can get hands on with the new products and experience how quick and easy our intelligent auto-alignment process is. Immerse yourself with our new technology on our interactive touchscreen, and talk to us about how we can protect your application.

You can also view our Talentum Range of specialist flame detector products. Our FFE Broadspectrum® technology is particularly suited to detecting fires at waste recycling sites and aircraft hangers.

To find out more about these technologies be sure to visit our stand E200, where fire detection specialists will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. The One stand you don’t want to miss!


Exova Warringtonfire, together with certification body Exova BM TRADA, will be providing expert guidance and a series of live demonstrations at FIREX International 2017.

Each day, Q-Mark and Certifire approved contractor London Fire Solutions will demonstrate best practice passive fire protection product installation.

The noon session will involve the installation of a double doorset into a full-scale mock-up of a corridor. The installation will be filmed and relayed live to the audience on the stand, with expert commentary provided by Senior Product Assessor Simon Bailey.

At 2pm, London Fire Solutions will complete the installation of the remaining passive fire protection measures. The installation will be filmed, with Ross Newman, Principal Technical Officer at Exova BM TRADA providing expert commentary.

Both sessions include a Q&A session with the audience and an opportunity to examine the installation work close-up.

The stand will also feature a burnt fire door, three types of burnt fire resistant glazing, burnt structural steel and a burnt service pipe and collar.

Visitors to the stand will be able to test their knowledge of fire doors by examining two seemingly identical specimens to determine which has been installed correctly and which hasn’t.


Efectis is a global player in fire science and covers all fire safety expertise in testing and modeling, certification, education and inspection.

Based on its 65 years of experience, from small scale to large scale, from materials to construction, Efectis is assessing the fire performance of your products, system or your entire project. Whatever the domain – nuclear, transportion, dwellings, infrastructure, tunnels, high rise buildings, industrial process and storage, offices; Whatever is required – fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems, equipments. With 10 fire resistance furnaces and 15 facilities for reaction to fire testing we perform over 2500 test per year. Our reports are recognized in 30 countries and for over 800 accredited tests.

And when testing in our laboratory is not an option, Efectis offers to perform the test on site using mobile furnaces. The MobiFire®can be applied to all kinds of structural elements, such as ceilings, floors, roofs and walls. The damage to the structure will be very limited, thanks to the fire controllability. All fire curves are possible; ISO, RWS, HCM. for any desired duration.

Detector Testers

This year is a huge year for Detectortesters with several exciting new products set for launch. The first of which is Solo 365 – a completely new smoke detector tester offering the ultimate test experience in terms of speed, handling and features.

In addition to Solo 365, the company’s product portfolio will expand further to offer increased choice of aerosol smoke cans, including Solo A10 a new HFC-free smoke aerosol, and the launch of a new Urban range of test kits. This new range of kits are smaller than the traditional Solo and Testifire kits and are ideal for engineers working in Cities or large sites.

All of these new products, along with existing products from the SmokeSabre, Solo, Testifire and Scorpion ranges will be available for demonstration on Stand E130 at Firex International.

With new regulations set to come into force affecting detector testing the stand will feature all the products needed to comply with these changes. All of these products offer professional, cost effective solutions approved by the world’s leading detector manufacturers.

Coltraco Ultrasonics

Please visit us to watch live demos and discover innovative technologies which are essential for the fire servicing toolkit and for embedded safety management systems and continuous monitoring systems for improved asset and facilities management. Coltraco delivers Safesite™ & Safeship™ technologies at safety critical infrastructure and high value assets on land & at sea. Coltraco is transformational in manufacturing portable inspection products and constant monitoring systems for:

Fire safety: monitoring CO2 & liquefied Clean Agents, such as FM-200™ & NOVEC™ 1230, and leak detection during Room Integrity testing
Sprinkler system flow rates, pipework integrity, monitoring fire pump bearing and checking leak sites during Room Integrity,
Vessel stability: watertight integrity of hatch-covers, compartment doors, multiple cable transit areas and fire penetration seals
Corrosion monitoring, thickness gauging and bearing monitoring
R504 Refrigerant & IBC tank level monitoring with innovative portable technologies
Coltraco is committed to innovation in a science-led approach to create advanced, accurate, ergonomic, easy-to-use technologies. Supported globally, based in London, manufacturing in the UK, operating in 108 countries, on-board nearly 10,000 vessels, across 19 market sectors, Coltraco has 30 years’ experience.

Baldwin Boxall

Baldwin Boxall is looking forward to showing VIGIL3 voice alarm, touchscreen microphone and VIGIL Eclipse4 VA/PA system.

VIGIL3 is the latest voice alarm offering from the UK manufacturer. The system boasts floating transformerless amplifiers, mains sleep mode, compact battery charger, compact powerful amplification and an incredible control unit, which makes traditional style voice alarm routers redundant. Add the new touchscreen microphone and the quality and backup from a well-renowned company and you will have a system that will be future proof for years to come.

The touchscreen microphone has user recognised functionality – operated via PIN code or NFC. Features of the unit include the ability to record messages which are stored for later use. Local music input, history and fault logs add to the microphone’s benefits. Two independent output feeds enable connectivity to two racks on the same system (A/B circuits).

VIGIL Eclipse4 is a compact, wall mountable voice alarm/public address system employing the new VIGIL3 transformerless amplifiers. The unit’s size and shape make it ideal for mounting within the limited space of building risers – freeing up valuable floor space in other parts of a building. The system is fully networkable and is the ideal solution for large multi-storey installations.


Wherever performance, quality and ease-of use are important you’ll find an Advanced fire system installed.

Advanced is a world leader in intelligent fire systems. Its products are installed in all manner of locations in over 60 countries worldwide, from the simple to the most prestigious and challenging.

The device, peripherals, interface and control options available mean Advanced fire systems can go further and do more. Panels are available from single-loop to eight-loop versions and networks can support up to 200 panels and millions of cause and effect options.

Advanced’s networking is one of the most efficient and robust on the market, and allows the system to scale easily whilst retaining performance advantages such as speed and robustness.

Leading features and innovations available include synchronized audio, fan and damper control, false alarm management, touchscreen graphical control, integrated fault finding, internet access, BMS integration and dual redundancy.

Advanced’s systems are approved to EN54 2,4 &13, UL864 and a host of regional standards. Its core fire systems are augmented by specialist extinguishant release and suppression control systems, radio paging panels, emergency lighting test systems and conventional fire panels.


Apollo Fire Detectors, specialists in the design and manufacture of high quality fire detection products, is looking forward to its return to FIREX in 2017 and the opportunity to showcase its latest ranges to the industry.

Visitors to this year’s three-day event will be able to see a variety of Apollo products in action. New for 2017, Apollo will be demonstrating its latest Visual Audio Devices (VADs) including red flash VADs and sounder VADs which are all compatible with the XP95 and Discovery Apollo ranges. Apollo is also looking forward to introducing the new Apollo Test Set to FIREX visitors. The new portable testing kit has been introduced to help on-site commissioning and fault finding across all three Apollo analogue-addressable protocols – CoreProtocol®, Discovery and XP95.

Speaking about FIREX 2017, Ed Browning, EMEA Sales and Marketing Director at Apollo, said: “We always look forward to meeting with our customers and partners at FIREX to discuss developments in the fire safety market and how Apollo products can address their needs. All our products are developed in close collaboration with fire safety professionals, underlining the importance we place on designing products which address technical needs in the global fire detection market.”

Acculux – Witte + Sutor GmbH

Witte + Sutor GmbH are the leaders in the development of rechargeable lighting. Manufactured in Germany, Acculux safety certified lights fulfill the strictest classification standards used in electricity utilities, municipalities, the oil and gas industry and especially used by firefighters, safety inspectors and many more. They are tested for use in explosion-proof areas of zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22, A TEX directive II C, T 4.

The company has launched the Acculux HL 12 EX (Zone 0/20) in 2 different versions: battery and rechargeable version. The rechargeable version can also be operated with batteries. The lightweight of the HL 12 EX is outstanding and the demand is already unbelievable.

Further products in the company’s range include the HL 11 EX and STL 1 EX Unilux PRO and Uni Lux 7.

Please visit us at Firex exhibition in London at Stand C143.

Welcome to the NFPA Conference & Expo

Every year, thousands of the leading fire, electrical and building safety professionals, from around the world consider attendance at the NFPA Conference & Expo a must. The NFPA Conference & Expo is widely regarded as the most comprehensive event in…

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