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Acculux – Witte + Sutor GmbH

Witte + Sutor GmbH are the leaders in the development of rechargeable lighting. Manufactured in Germany, Acculux safety certified lights fulfill the strictest classification standards used in electricity utilities, municipalities, the oil and gas industry and especially used by firefighters, safety inspectors and many more. They are tested for use in explosion-proof areas of zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22, A TEX directive II C, T 4.

The company has launched the Acculux HL 12 EX (Zone 0/20) in 2 different versions: battery and rechargeable version. The rechargeable version can also be operated with batteries. The lightweight of the HL 12 EX is outstanding and the demand is already unbelievable.

Further products in the company’s range include the HL 11 EX and STL 1 EX Unilux PRO and Uni Lux 7.

Please visit us at Firex exhibition in London at Stand C143.

Welcome to the NFPA Conference & Expo

Every year, thousands of the leading fire, electrical and building safety professionals, from around the world consider attendance at the NFPA Conference & Expo a must. The NFPA Conference & Expo is widely regarded as the most comprehensive event in…

W.S. Darley & Co.

Founded in 1908, W. S. Darley & Company is a manufacturer and distributor of firefighting pumps, fire apparatus, and firefighting and defense equipment.

They remain a family owned and operated company. Darley has a current customer base of more than 50,000, which includes federal, state and local governments as well as customers in over 100 countries.

Darley is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois and has manufacturing, engineering and operations in Chippewa Falls, WI, and Janesville, IA. Darley has been awarded major contracts by the Department of Defense to provide our forces with fire fighting, rescue and special operational equipment. Nowhere else will you find a company as dedicated to the Fire Industry. All this experience comes from a company that cares – W. S. Darley & Co. is customer driven.

Viking Group, Inc.

Viking leads the industry in quality and innovation because fire protection is all we do. Our single focus is to support and enhance the efforts of fire sprinkler contractors.

The Viking Corporation

Manufacturing the world’s most dependable sprinklers and valves. This is our core strength, and it’s where we’ve set the most stringent standards for quality and dependability.

Viking SupplyNet

Everything you need from one name. Viking SupplyNet provides seamless, complete solutions for contractors, distributing the largest selection of sprinkler system components to customers in over 70 countries.

Viking Fabrication Services

Greater convenience and confidence. Turn-key pipe fabrication services are available at many of our Viking SupplyNet locations around the United States. Pipe threading, grooving, end preparation, welding and assembly are all performed with Viking’s characteristic precision.

VGS® Grooved Piping Systems

Putting it all together. VGS® couplings and fittings are available in standard ductile iron as well as galvanized material for corrosion resistance. Both rigid and flexible coupling styles are available through Viking SupplyNet’s integrated distribution network.

Viking Plastics

Connecting with confidence. Viking and BlazeMaster®, the proven leader in CPVC technology, combine to deliver the highest quality CPVC sprinkler pipe.


UL is advancing safer solutions for global testing, certification and inspection capabilities for building and life safety products inspired by over 120 years of safety science research. Around the globe, UL works to help companies and policy makers navigate market risk and complexity. UL certifies, validates, tests, verifies, inspects, audits, advises and educates. We provide the knowledge and expertise to help navigate growing complexities across the supply chain from compliance and regulatory issues to trade challenges and market access. UL builds trust in the safety, security, and sustainability of products, which enables smarter choices and better lives.

UL is expanding into Europe with three new laboratories to support European manufacturers for market access to Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. The new laboratories include the recently opened Door & Hardware Testing Laboratory in the UK for mechanical testing of door hardware products and opening in Germany this year, the Fire Resistance Testing Laboratory and the Security Laboratory. In all three laboratories UL tests against EN and UL standards which help enable customers to receive the CE Marking and the UL Safety Mark in one single streamlined process.

South-Tek Systems

Wet, dry or pre-action; every fire protection system is at risk of experiencing corrosion. It is one of the most important issues facing our industry today. South-Tek Systems manufactures state-of-the-art technology specializing in corrosion inhibition. But what is the driving force behind corrosion? The answer is oxygen. Wherever oxygen interfaces with metal and water, there will be corrosion. That is why South-Tek Systems’ safe, green, cost-efficient solutions are what Europe has been waiting for.

Studies show that replacing compressed air with high purity nitrogen (98%+) effectively inhibits the corrosion process in dry and pre-action Fire Protection Systems. Utilizing industry-exclusive PSA technology, South-Tek generators produce high purity nitrogen to maintain positive pressure in both dry and pre-action systems.

South-Tek’s FM-Approved and UL-Listed nitrogen generators are installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide. Now with CE approval, STS has begun to provide its award winning products in Europe.

For wet system corrosion, South-Tek manufactures wet air vents, nitrogen inerting kits, and the only water deoxygenation system in the industry.

To find out more about corrosion, nitrogen generators for dry and pre-action systems, deoxygenation for wet systems, and South-Tek in general, please contact your local distributor.

The Solberg Company

Solberg, a member of the Amerex Group, is your one-stop resource for high performance, sustainable Class A and B firefighting foam concentrates and foam suppression systems hardware. Solberg has the expertise, capabilities and resources to serve the fire protection industry worldwide. Solberg engineers have over 225 years of combined in-the-field fire protection experience.

RE-HEALING™ Foam concentrates are an innovative and environmentally sustainable fluorosurfactant and fluoropolymer-free firefighting foam used to effectively extinguish Class B fuels with no environmental concerns for persistence, bioaccumulation or toxic breakdown. Concentrates are available in 1%, 3%, 6% and 3×6% ATC™ formulations.

C6 compliant and PFOS free, ARCTIC™ AFFF foam concentrates are intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires and are available in 1%, 3% and 6% concentrations. ARCTIC ATC™ foam concentrates are intended for use on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. Concentrates are available in 1X3%, 3×3%, and 3×6% ATC formulations.

FIRE-BRAKE™ foam concentrate is a synthetic firefighting foam specially designed to be used for bush, structural and other Class A fuel fires. FIRE-BRAKE foam concentrate is proportioned at a rate of 0.1% – 1.0%.

Our experts know the real-world challenges. And they know how to optimize the design of our proven products to fit the individual needs of each customer. You can count on us to work with you and deliver products that perform as needed, when you need them.

Safety Technology International

STI manufacture an extensive and unique range of fire, safety and security products, many of which will be on display at the trade shows in June.

Within the range is an audible polycarbonate protective cover designed to retrofit over manual call points, which is globally recognised by authorities as an essential fire system component on sites where the risk of false alarms is high, for example education, health care and housing.

The polycarbonate range also includes weatherproof enclosures. An ideal solution to extend the life and reliability of call points and switches exposed to harsh conditions such as factory wash down areas.

Also within the Stopper Line are alarm devices for fire extinguishers and fire doors as well as a comprehensive range of protective anti-vandal cages, resettable call points, push buttons and key switches.

The newest edition to the ReSet Call Point series is the UL listed Global ReSet. A unique manual call point that mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a resettable operating element.

Safespill Systems LLC

Safespill Systems has developed the solution to storing flammable liquids in plastic IBC’s, drums and smaller containers at the fraction of the cost of a fire rated cut off room.

The Flammable Liquids Solution, or FLS, integrates Safespill’s flooring technology with FM approved deluge and detection systems. With a footprint of only 400 sq. ft., the system can store up to 18 plastic IBC totes stacked 3 high or a combination of totes, drums and smaller containers. An integrated deluge system floods the enclosure with 350+ GPM of sprinkler water ensuring no fire can develop inside the enclosure. Sprinkler water and flammable liquids are removed through the Safespill flooring profiles and pumped to designated containment.

The unit is completely pre-engineered and can be installed close to where the liquids are used within a facility, minimizing forklift traffic of flammable liquids. Safespill also offers a tailored spill containment and removal flooring system for loading docks, blending stations or other areas sensitive to spills. These systems can be retrofitted in existing facilities without needing to cut concrete preventing significant downtime.

Restaurant Technologies

Grease easily builds up in restaurant hoods, flues, and fans which poses a great fire risk. Keeping the kitchen consistently clean is crucial to maintaining a safe operation.

To mitigate the risk of a catastrophic fire, Restaurant Technologies has designed the AutoMist system to automatically clean hoods, flues and fans daily through a spray mixture of detergent and water. AutoMist is designed to eliminate the hazardous buildup of grease in food service kitchens.

The AutoMist system minimizes fire risk every day by keeping the hood, flue, and fan area clean. Hood inspection frequency is dependent on cooking operations. If upon inspection a hood is found dirty, cleaning must occur. With daily automatic cleanings, grease is no longer gradually building up between cleanings and making a mess of the hood system.

Unlike water wash hood technology, AutoMist covers the hood, flue and fan. The programmable delivery system that contains cleaning solution automatically controls when cleaning is initiated. By installing sprayers along the hood and up the flue to the exhaust fan, every nook and cranny gets cleaned. AutoMist can be installed into existing exhaust structures, and retrofit into most configurations.

Radix Wire

Radix Wire’s DuraLife® FPL Electrical Circuit Integrity System is UL certified to survive a fire for up to two hours then be exposed to a water blast from a fire hose with a fog nozzle applicator, which simulates a sprinkler head, and still maintain circuit integrity. The safety of building occupants is the top priority for first responders, and DuraLife UL 2196 certified 2-hour rated circuit integrity cables deliver reliability and survivability when it matters most.

Radix Wire offers one of the most expansive Electrical Circuit Integrity System in the industry. We continue to innovate and improve our DuraLife cable offerings to meet industry standards and real life installation challenges. Under the UL 2196 Standard, Radix leads the market by offering shielded and unshielded constructions, a 2-hour rated splice, the most sizes and conductor options.

New for 2017 are DuraLife FPLP-CI Unshielded UL 2196 2-hour certified fire resistive cables, patent pending. Designed for free-air applications, DuraLife FPLP-CI cables are flexible for easier installation, come in multiple sizes (12 through 18 AWG), and meet NFPA 262 for plenum rating.

To find out more about DuraLife FPL and FPLP-CI cables, stop by the Radix booth to speak with our circuit integrity experts.

Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC

Potter’s new IntelliGenTM Series of Nitrogen Generators boasts an unparalleled level of innovation. We’ve gone beyond the norm and built the most advanced N2 units in the market while also making them the simplest to install, operate, and maintain. The IntelliGenTM Series allows installers to basically turn on the unit and walk away. The built-in IntelliGenTM Controller automatically switches modes, saving time as well as extending the life of the compressor. Additionally, the IntelliGenTM units can be connected to the internet and provide installers and end users with status reports and maintenance reminders though email notifications.

At Potter, we believe in quality, which means that our products are designed and built with care and integrity, and have been since we opened in 1898. Potter has always been committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, and that commitment has translated into Potter becoming a global brand for fire sprinkler monitoring, fire alarm systems, and corrosion solutions.

With the industry’s only 5-year warranty on all major products, and industry leading Customer Service and Technical Support, we at Potter stand by our products even after the last screw is tightened. Potter is THE Symbol of Protection!

Patterson Pump Company

Patterson Pump Company offers industry leading fire suppression pumps. Headquartered in Toccoa, Georgia; Patterson has representation throughout the U.S. and around the world with offices in Mexico, Latin America, Singapore, Greece, and additional manufacturing capabilities in Mullingar, Ireland. Patterson manufacturers UL and FM fire pumps that include horizontal split case, end suction, vertical in-line, and vertical turbine, 13R systems and Pre-packaged Systems to cover the commercial, residential, and industrial markets. All Patterson fire pumps and accessories are engineered to meet or exceed all applicable codes including, UL and ULC listings, FM and NYBSA approvals, NFPA, VdS, LPCB, CNBOP and CE certifications worldwide and all NFPA-20 standards. Just as Patterson is committed to helping suppress fire around the world, they are also committed to service after the sale. Patterson is dedicated to providing the finest field maintenance and factory service in the industry by offering worldwide support. Additionally, Patterson is also a leading manufacturer of Axial and Mixed flow pumps, solids handling pumps, pre-packaged pump stations, HVAC pumps, and plumbing boosters. Whatever your need, Patterson has the pumping technology to meet your demands.

Minimax Fire Products

Minimax Fire Products is a leader in delivering innovative gas-based fire detection and protection systems. Products include:

MX1230 Fire Extinguishing System with 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid – Clean Agent Suppression Systems for sensitive assets, including data processing, telecommunications, control rooms, museums and libraries.

MX1230 Fire Extinguishing System with 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid – Multi-zone Clean Agent Suppression Systems with unique high-pressure 725psi capability.

MX200 Fire Extinguishing System with HFC227ea Extinguishing Agent – Clean Agent Suppression Systems for protection of sensitive assets, including data processing, control rooms, and wind turbine generators.

OneU® Product Family is compact and uniquely designed to detect and extinguish fires with 3M™ Novec™ 1230. OneU, OneU DD and OneU ED models provide flexibility and expandability for server, network or telecommunication protection.

Argon Extinguishing Systems for Class D hazards such as Magnesium, Titanium, and Lithium. Applications include dust collectors and CNC machines.

SSP1230 & FireDETEC Pre-engineered Clean Agent Systems with predetermined parameters for electrical cabinets, machine tools and other high value assets.

Detection and Control solutions – Minimax MX-2002 Conventional and MX-320 Intelligent Addressable Panel solutions, UniVario® industrial heat and flame detectors, HELIOS®ASD, and VESDA® early warning aspirating smoke detection.


Learn more about why BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems are the best choice for many commercial applications at the BlazeMaster booth (#508) at the NFPA Exhibitors Showcase.

BlazeMaster products are approved for high-rise and Light Hazard commercial and institutional applications, including schools, nursing homes, hospitals, apartment buildings and more. BlazeMaster CPVC Pipe offers a variety of advantages over steel and other materials, including:

Easy to install and/or retrofit with no welding or noisy threading machines
Lighter and easier to handle than steel
Can be cut on-site using hand tools. No power required.
Can attach directly to ceiling or wall, while steel must hang from the ceiling
Minimal noise and disruption during retrofits
Requires less vertical space than steel, which can allow for more floors in high-rise projects
Will not corrode, unlike metal pipes
Saves money on labor and materials
Easier coordination when working with other trades
Better hydraulic performance
Company representatives will be on hand to answer questions about the commercial applications of BlazeMaster Pipe & Fittings and provide examples and case studies of its commercial use.

Keltron Corporation

Keltron provides life safety event management solutions that increase fire and security situational awareness and response at multi-building facilities and municipal environments. Keltron’s UL listed fire and security alarm signaling, monitoring, dispatching and reporting systems solve a wide range of alarm management issues, cost effectively and with speed, reliability and accuracy.

Our unique value is in unifying more than 70 disparate brands and models of addressable alarm panels, using one or more modern and legacy signaling technologies into a single monitoring, dispatching and reporting system, on-site at a multi-building facility.

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of educational, healthcare, industrial, commercial, military and other multi-building facilities, the highly functional, feature rich, and proactive dispatch, monitoring and reporting software system limits operator overload, increases accuracy, and improves efficiency, particularly in those facilities with on-site alarm monitoring.

Offering comprehensive implementation, training, warranty and technical support services directly and through regional provisioning partners, Keltron’s long history serving the fire and life safety industry enables us to provide valuable consulting on best practices and guidelines. Together, these advantages enable our customers to ensure the best possible response to fire and life safety incidents while simultaneously reducing operating costs.


Stop by booth #691 to learn about IMSA Fire Alarm Certification programs which are based on fire protection curriculum from accredited institutions as well as current codes, regulations, and established industry practices. They provide not only a formalized review process, but also practical application of information presented.

As requirements for today’s fire alarm and emergency signaling systems have become more complex and demand for qualified persons to install, operate, maintain, and inspect them is growing, proper training is a necessity. IMSA’s two-day programs are designed to keep technicians current with technology changes and increase proficiency of maintenance and code enforcement personnel while reducing the incidence of unnecessary false alarms. Interior Fire Alarm Levels I and II are now updated to reflect the requirements and changes in the 2016 edition of NFPA 72.

IMSA, established in 1896, is dedicated to providing quality certification programs for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of public safety systems. The driving purpose of the organization is to keep members up to date on proper procedures in the industry. Through continuing dedication to public safety, IMSA has gained recognition and influence with local, state, provincial and national governments, as well as other professional organizations.

Global Vision, Inc

GVI is the most trusted and requested FM/UL fire pump test meter provider in the world. The reason is simple, we offer the greatest accuracy, carry the longest warranty (6 yr gauge/12 yr venturi), and our customer service / responsiveness to client needs is second to none. We didn’t become #1 by accident.

GVI machines all venturi from domestic US thick wall tube. This fully machined venturi will allow tighter tolerances, greater accuracy, and consistent manufacturing every time. This also means the lowest friction loss (less than 1 PSI), less cavitation, and no bounce. This venturi design is so advanced, GVI was awarded a design Patent #D764,630S.

Choose between the GVI original analog display and the new Digital 4-20 ma transmitter. The FM/UL GVI digital display is backlit for easy viewing.

For all your fire pump test meter needs, GVI is the right choice.


FlexHead is the premier manufacturer of flexible sprinkler connections for use in commercial suspended ceiling, industrial ducts, institutional applications and cleanroom applications.

FlexHead products are FM approved and UL listed to the latest approval standards including UL2443.
FlexHead products require no additional hanger per NFPA13.
FlexHead hoses are fully welded and factory leak checked prior to shipping insuring no leaks on the job.
A FlexHead can be installed at least (4) times faster than traditional hard-pipe, which can significantly increase productivity of the installers. Benefits include: perfect center of tile installation, fast-track construction, simplified project management, and virtually eliminating all your punch list items.
FlexHead commercial product satisfactorily completed full-scale seismic qualification testing .The flexibility of the FlexHead hose allows the sprinkler head to move with the ceiling system in any direction during a seismic event without causing damage to the sprinkler system.
FlexHead offers a full line of all 304 stainless steel hoses in lengths from 2ft through 6ft. FlexHead products are perfect for any application including office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail and more!


FireDos is a German manufacturer of foam proportioning systems and monitors for firefighting. The foam proportioners are driven by the extinguishing water only and can be used in all types of fire extinguishing systems like sprinklers, deluge systems and all types of wet systems onshore and offshore as well as in firefighting vehicles.

The outstanding advantages are the complete independence from any external energy, the huge operating range, the reliable achievement of the proportioning rate, independent from flow rate and pressure condition, even changing during operation and the possibility to test the proportioning rate without producing any foam / water solution.

The extremely robust FireDos monitors are lifetime lubricated and suitable for the usage on firefighting vehicles as well as for usage in very harsh conditions such as waste burning stations, seawater atmosphere, etc.

Due to its shape and internal design, the pressure loss inside the monitor is minimized which finally results in significantly higher throwing distances. All adjustments of the nozzles such as shape (jet/spray) and flow rate (25% – 100% of the flow rate) are possible during operation.

With its high-end products, FireDos does its bit to an effective and reliable firefighting with a maximum of economical feasibility.

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