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Rob Neale
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Rob Neale is Vice President, National Fire Service Activities International Code Council.

Rethinking fire flow

It’s self-evident that adequate water supplies are essential to successful fire suppression outcomes. Even with the advent of modern chemical agents, water has for thousands of years been the primary fire control medium. It is plentiful, cheap, transportable, and capable…

Cellulose or plastic? It’s not just about shopping bags

The vast product arrays that move through modern storage warehouses provide a constant challenge to owners, insurers and code officials to assure the built-in fire protection is suitable to protect the hazards. The combustibility and heat release rate of products…

The influence of plastics in high piled storage – Part 3

Many modern products are constructed from a variety of constituents ranging from natural to synthetic elements. The vast number of potential combinations of wood, ceramic, metal, paper, leather, plastics and other materials barely can be imagined. Likewise, many of these…

High challenge: High-piled storage fire protection– Part 2

The accurate classification of commodities in high-piled storage arrays is essential to successful fire outcomes because the level of fire protection must be capable of protecting the fuel load. If the potential combustible load exceeds the automatic sprinklers’ fire suppression…

High challenge: High-piled storage fire protection – Part 1

Rising real estate costs and materials handling improvements make high-piled and rack storage a desirable option for product manufacturers and wholesale companies. With multi-function scanning codes and radio-tracking tags, warehouse operators can manage a huge variety of commodities in vast…

Fire alarms and sprinklers: Verifying technical competency

Are you fully satisfied the fire sprinkler or fire alarm test reports you receive are accurate? Are you confident your fire alarm plan reviewers understand the impact adding audible/visual fire alarm notification appliance has on line voltage measurements? Can your…

Code development 101: Using ICC’s cdpaccess

You’ve got the one idea that will make the building code easier to understand, the fire code simpler to interpret, and the project owner’s bottom line to stay in the black. How do you get it into the code? With…

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