William Koffel
William Koffel
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William E. Koffel is President of Koffel Associates, Inc. and Chairs the NFPA Correlating Commitee on Life Safety.

Fire Engineering Versus Prescribed Fire Protection

When I began practicing as a fire protection engineer, the codes that were used in the US were referred to as performance codes. This was primarily due to the fact that the codes did not specify a particular wall assembly…

Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems

Building and fire codes require fire protection systems as part of the overall package of fire protection measures intended to provide a reasonable level of safety in building. In some cases, the codes may permit reductions in other requirements based…

Fire Safety Teamwork and Effective Communication

Providing an acceptable level of fire safety in a building or process area requires effective teamwork and communication from all interested parties, with proper support from management and administration. This article highlights how the teamwork must be effective by highlighting…

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