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Yechiel Spector, now the Chairman of Fire & Gas Detection Technologies Inc. was previously the founder and CEO of Spectronix and Chairman of Spectrex for over 40 years.

FlameSpec ‘when every second counts’

Flame detector manufacturers, continually search to advance detection technologies, to improve performance, distance, reliability and strive to improve false alarm immunity. Modern technology, both in areas of manufacturing, design and software processing have greatly improved the way in which we…

The next generation of flame detectors

There are many industries, processes and applications that have a need to protect and save life and property. To that end, they need detection systems and detectors that will be highly immune to false alarms and of the highest performance and reliability.

As a result, flame detectors were developed to detect fire at all times and in all weather conditions and yet be highly immune to false alarms.

In recent years, communication, video image processing and data storage power technology have developed rapidly and so are readily available and easy to implement. They will contribute to the next generation of Flame and Gas detection systems and products.

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