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All the products manufactured by AUXQUIMIA are developed by its own R&D&I Department. Being aware of the importance of this research, AUXQUIMIA makes a remarkable effort, both technical and financial, in order to be in a constant evolution to achieve the best performances.

We are producing top-performance foam without the use of C8 chemistry to the point that, in 2015, our US branch even qualified our C6 formulation for a 3% AFFF that met US military specification MIL-F-24385, which is currently listed in the QPL Directory as Phos-Chek 3% AFFF MS. This was the first C6 fluorochemical foam concentrate to be listed in the QPL in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Stewardship Programme – no small achievement considering this certification is the most demanding in the world for AFFF’s.

Our range of fluorine-free foams UNIPOL-FF has been evolving through the years to cover most industrial and civil applications. In 2011 it achieved a rating of 1B in Heptane and 1A in acetone on EN-1568:2008, in 2012 it achieved LASTIFIRE certification and in 2015 UNIPOL achieved UL 162 listing (Standard for foam equipment and liquid concentrates) with polar solvents, an extraordinary achievement given that all other fluorine-free foams have only been listed with hydrocarbon fuels.

Furthermore, sprinkler tests based on the same protocol with UNIPOL-FF-3/6 were also carried out with the challenging polar solvents acetone, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, and the results again showed very good extinguishing times. Our foams are under constant development and we have set ourselves some further challenges for the future.

For more information, go to www.auxquimia.com

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