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Stand 4-E24

Since 1998, BIOex designs and manufactures the latest generation of ecological foam concentrates and also proposes conventional foams for use in firefighting (Solid class A fires, Liquid class B Hydrocarbon fires, Liquid class B Polar solvent fires, Toxic gaseous vapors).

2002: At BIOex we were convinced of the harmfulness of fluorine derivatives and were already working to preserve our environment by launching ECOPOL, the first fluorine-free multi-purpose foam concentrate.

End of 2015: We launch the new formula ECOPOL F3 HC specially developed to create the first fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate with an exceptionally fast extinguishing action on hydrocarbon fires.


  • Fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate
  • Readily biodegradable

Exceptional Performance:

  • Used at 3% in direct application on hydrocarbon fires
  • Obtained the best 1A performance classification under EN 1568-3 standard by an independent recognized laboratory (certified 1A/fresh water – 1A/sea water)
  • Obtained the best performance classification under LASTFIRE – Good-Good-Good

Effective On Hydrocarbon Fires:

  • Exceptionally fast extinguishing action on hydrocarbon fires
  • Very long burn back time.

Powerful Foaming Capability:

  • Offers durable adherence on vertical surfaces
  • Insulates of storage containers in case of fire nearby.


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