Without conducting a proper risk assessment the probability of a bus fire increases.
Fire protection of electric and hybrid vehicles

More and more vehicles on our roads are electric or hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV)…

Left: A typical Steiner Tunnel test apparatus. Right: The Steiner Tunnel interior.
What is the difference between tunnel test methods?

Through the years, regulatory bodies in the United States, the Middle East and Canada have incorporated the Steiner Tunnel test as their standard method to evaluate fire performance of interior finish materials.

Fire pump sets undergo an extensive process of product assessment and certification to meet national standards and to satisfy the requirements of insurers.
Fire pump technology: Time for change

It would be fair to say that the technology incorporated into the design of fire…

Intelligent Visual Flame Detector installed aboard an FPSO.
Flame detector selection – Which one?

Which flame detector should I use? This is a common question when a fire protection…

Figure 1 – On the morning of June 14, 2017, Grenfell Tower is still on fire as hose streams reach only the base of the structure. The fire, which killed 72 and injured 70, began in a fourth-floor apartment and quickly spread up the exterior of the 24-story building. It has been widely reported that aluminum composite material (ACM) cladding was installed on the exterior of Grenfell Tower during a 2015-2016 renovation.
Addressing the risk of combustible cladding systems

From Dubai’s Torch Tower to Grenfell Tower in the U.K. and from Lacrosse Tower in…

Portable gas monitors give workers the ability to make quick decisions when lives are at risk.
How do I choose the right portable gas monitor?

As a leading developer of portable gas monitors at Honeywell, my team understands how your…

Bull Products stocks and supplies more than 50 regulation-compliant fire extinguishers to ensure a construction site is kept safe.
Life-safety legislation in HMOs – putting guidance into practice

There is a growing debate around fire safety within Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Richard…

F&G Mapping is particularly important where conditions can be variable and unpredictable.
What benefits can flame and gas mapping bring to a hazardous facility?

Inherent within the very nature of the energy industry, the hazards associated in refining oil…

The devastating effects of building fires demonstrating the need for effective, reliable fire performance cables.
Cables that save lives

The recent Grenfell fire tragedy has brought to our attention that in a real life…

NCOC required PPG to offer a wide range of protective coatings and provide local technical and supply chain support.
Passive fire protection for the global oil, gas and chemicals industries

PFP coatings must perform consistently in dramatically different temperatures and working environments, writes Richard Holliday,…

Over one hundred tons of fire protection coating has gone into the steel girders of Tehran Iran Mall to this date.
Fire protective coatings in the world’s largest shopping mall

The building works for Tehran’s largest retail and leisure complex, the “Iran Mall” located in…

The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK.
Ensuring fire system effectiveness in historic sites

The threat and consequences of fire in any building are serious, but historic structures pose…

Another case study at a furniture retail warehouse in Slovakia showed that the Kingspan Insurer Certified PIR insulated panel cores did not propagate fire to areas remote from the flame impingement and allowed no spread of fire into the store.
From test to reality

Modern cladding approaches bring together a seemingly ever-increasing diversity of materials and components including fixings,…

Extended Coverage sprinkler with elongated water deflector specially designed for corridors.
Cheaper systems using extended coverage sprinklers

Extended Coverage sprinkler technology dates back to the 1970’s and one of the most common…

Storage, or suppression, automatic sprinklers are sprinklers that have been categorized as acceptable for protecting storage type occupancies and any other occupancy hazards characterized by high heat-release rate fires. These tend to be sprinklers that discharge large quantities of water in order to have a significant impact on the fire.
Most losses are preventable – the role of automatic sprinkler systems

When it comes to comprehensive fire protection, certified automatic fire sprinkler systems offer proven valuable,…

Access to the Remote Portal is also possible via mobile devices.
The future of fire alarm systems maintenance, delivered via the cloud

Regular maintenance of fire alarm systems and timely response to malfunctions are part of every…

Fire is the second leading cause of accidents in wind turbines.
The importance of fire suppression in wind turbines

Wind power is an exciting emerging sector that needs those of us involved in fire safety to get on board. As electricity generation becomes more reliant on renewable energy, wind power is becoming increasingly important in the energy mix. As our reliance on wind turbines grows, keeping them fully operational and at reduced levels of risk is becoming more important, and as a result, so is safety management. There are over 340,000 wind turbines around the world; yet the vast majority of turbines have no fire suppression system installed.

Derrick Sawyer as a member of the PFD Recruitment unit.
From fighting fires to fighting for sprinklers

Derrick Sawyer learned the value of fire sprinklers in the most tragic way possible. He…

A strategically placed actuator activates the paddle on an exit latch to determine durability of the latching mechanism.
Product compliance – Emergency exits, panic hardware and UL 305

The origins of the panic hardware device are directly tied to an event which occurred…

Several Pi Foam pressure vessels protecting a ring-walled gasoline tank in the background at an Oiltanking facility in Central Europe.
A new approach to extinguishing fires on combustible-liquid storage tanks

One of the trickiest challenges a fire fighter will ever face is a full-surface blaze…

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