The Drayton Mills Spinning Building, a renovated heavy timber building repurposed for residential occupants.
Considering the performance of renovated heavy timber structures

Nearly two centuries ago, the boom of America’s Industrial Revolution necessitated the genesis of a…

The sensing tube is placed right on top of the transformer where leaked bushing oil will accumulate
Fast heat detection for fires on transformers

Electrical transmission and distribution systems are the heart of every economy. Demand for electricity rapidly…

Advanced’s Axis AX product range complete with integrated fan control and devices.
Smoke control systems come of age

The control of smoke and airflow in a building during a fire situation is critical.…

Figure 4 Heptane pan fire used in testing of a total flooding Hybrid Fire Protection System
Standards development and testing for hybrid fire extinguishing systems

Hybrid Fire Extinguishing Systems utilize a combination of atomized water and inert gas, to extinguish…

Fig. 1: Fire Protection Silicone ZZ 345 is filled in uniformly into the joint, starting from the backfill. For wide joints, the sealant should first be filled in on the joint flanks, then upwards.
Construction joints with fire protection requirements

ln building construction, joints between fire protection classified components must have at least the same…

Figure 1.
How to reduce the fire risk profile of your waste and recycling facility

Investment in tools like the fire detection and suppression systems, not only catch fires early in the process, but protects the insurance companies from the risk of an employee getting unnecessarily injured while fighting a fire. Insurance companies want to work with clients that take an organization-wide approach to mitigating their fire risk across all of their facilities and protecting their biggest assets.

Fogmaker live demonstration of performance and efficiency of high-pressure watermist technology.
Fire-suppression systems in buses

An engine fire in a bus can be devastating. Due to flammable material and the…

Edwards Signature Optica Detector.
Smoke detection takes giant strides forward in enhanced life safety

The life safety industry is in the midst of one of the biggest changes in…

Figure 3: The fire in the authentic upholstered chair; the photographs were taken moments before a water mist nozzle (3 mm, 57°C glass bulb) activated, two minutes after activation, and after the test. The water flow rate was 32 litres/min at 5.2 bar.
Tests of residential sprinklers and water mist nozzles show their efficacy in combating domestic fires

Fire tests with residential sprinklers show that earlier activation and ‘faster’ glass bulbs contribute to…

Substation fire – Choosing the correct transformers fluids is pivotal to the safety of the wider environment.
The growing threat of the world’s ageing transformer fleets

An underground fire which led to a partial evacuation at Newark Liberty International Airport on…

Without conducting a proper risk assessment the probability of a bus fire increases.
Fire protection of electric and hybrid vehicles

More and more vehicles on our roads are electric or hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV)…

Left: A typical Steiner Tunnel test apparatus. Right: The Steiner Tunnel interior.
What is the difference between tunnel test methods?

Through the years, regulatory bodies in the United States, the Middle East and Canada have incorporated the Steiner Tunnel test as their standard method to evaluate fire performance of interior finish materials.

Fire pump sets undergo an extensive process of product assessment and certification to meet national standards and to satisfy the requirements of insurers.
Fire pump technology: Time for change

It would be fair to say that the technology incorporated into the design of fire…

Intelligent Visual Flame Detector installed aboard an FPSO.
Flame detector selection – Which one?

Which flame detector should I use? This is a common question when a fire protection…

Figure 1 – On the morning of June 14, 2017, Grenfell Tower is still on fire as hose streams reach only the base of the structure. The fire, which killed 72 and injured 70, began in a fourth-floor apartment and quickly spread up the exterior of the 24-story building. It has been widely reported that aluminum composite material (ACM) cladding was installed on the exterior of Grenfell Tower during a 2015-2016 renovation.
Addressing the risk of combustible cladding systems

From Dubai’s Torch Tower to Grenfell Tower in the U.K. and from Lacrosse Tower in…

Portable gas monitors give workers the ability to make quick decisions when lives are at risk.
How do I choose the right portable gas monitor?

As a leading developer of portable gas monitors at Honeywell, my team understands how your…

Bull Products stocks and supplies more than 50 regulation-compliant fire extinguishers to ensure a construction site is kept safe.
Life-safety legislation in HMOs – putting guidance into practice

There is a growing debate around fire safety within Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Richard…

F&G Mapping is particularly important where conditions can be variable and unpredictable.
What benefits can flame and gas mapping bring to a hazardous facility?

Inherent within the very nature of the energy industry, the hazards associated in refining oil…

The devastating effects of building fires demonstrating the need for effective, reliable fire performance cables.
Cables that save lives

The recent Grenfell fire tragedy has brought to our attention that in a real life…

NCOC required PPG to offer a wide range of protective coatings and provide local technical and supply chain support.
Passive fire protection for the global oil, gas and chemicals industries

PFP coatings must perform consistently in dramatically different temperatures and working environments, writes Richard Holliday,…

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