Modern design presents fire engineering challenges.
Raising standards in steel structures

As new modern building design for steel structures emerges with the use of new materials…

Occupant safety must be the foremost concern in the design of any building.
Testing times

Ever since the appalling loss of life in the Grenfell Tower disaster, the UK construction…

Floor-to-ceiling glazing used throughout offer rooms filled with natural light and fire protection.
Fire-protective glass: An overview

Fire safety is, understandably, a primary concern for designers of today’s built environment, and glazing…

Flame detection has been extensively used for over 50 years to address the need for quick detection.
The next generation of flame detectors

There are many industries, processes and applications that have a need to protect and save life and property. To that end, they need detection systems and detectors that will be highly immune to false alarms and of the highest performance and reliability.

As a result, flame detectors were developed to detect fire at all times and in all weather conditions and yet be highly immune to false alarms.

In recent years, communication, video image processing and data storage power technology have developed rapidly and so are readily available and easy to implement. They will contribute to the next generation of Flame and Gas detection systems and products.

Pyroplex® Passive Fire Protection Products.
Why passive fire protection is key to the construction plan

With continued growth of high-rise and commercial construction across the globe, understanding the role that…

Custom Fire Rover protection of industrial equipment and hazards.
Is there a fire epidemic facing the waste and recycling industry?

With the risks of inherent fire only increasing, we need to develop and install solutions…

EvacPro+ provides ‘lots of handles for lots of people’.
Plus size evacuation – What is the solution?

One of the consequences of modern living with its obtundents of high energy foods and…

Stahl’s water-based flame retardants for fire safety in workspace

Obviously, flame retardants can and do play an important role in fire safety. They are added…

W.M. Keck Observatory on Mauna kea: The two most powerful telescopes in the world protected by FM-200.
Halocarbons in fire suppression

This paper reviews the numerous applications and installations in which the halocarbon-based clean fire suppression…

A wood pallet (left) sits next to a “nestable” plastic pallet. Idle nestable pallets can be stacked on top of one another to save space.
Cellulose or plastic? It’s not just about shopping bags

The vast product arrays that move through modern storage warehouses provide a constant challenge to…

Fire safety program peer review: recommendations for practice

Peer reviews are typical in accounting firms, health care, and information technology services but this…

Firefighters can gain access into the property by cutting through the clear polycarbonate material like SecureView with a power saw.
A solution for reducing vacant building fires

The urban landscapes of most major U.S. cities and many rural areas remain scarred by…

Testifire allows testing of multi-sensors with one tool.
Changes to standards and the effect on detector testing

When fire detection technology evolves to take advantage of new and emerging technologies, the standards…

Evac+Chair offers advice that extends beyond the provision of stairway descent equipment to include initial site surveys, staff consultation and Evac+Chair equipment training.
How to ensure everyone is evacuated safely during a security threat

As the current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is severe, Gerard Wallace…

Fire safety in marine applications poses unique challenges such as escape from a protected area and proximity of flammable materials.
When the stakes are high… fire protection for mission critical industries

Power utilities, data centres, critical control rooms, manufacturing plants, oil and gas rigs… in our…

Building owners and managers need to identify if their buildings are code compliant.
No compromise in steel structures

The challenge of ensuring fire safety for those people using modern steel structures is becoming…

Smoke curtain above escalator with side guides.
Design considerations when using smoke and fire curtains

If a fire breaks out, smoke spread is by far the biggest challenge. Thick black…

The full range of Pyroplex firestopping products.
An industry problem we can fix – misuse of firestopping products

Effective use of firestopping products is proven to play a critical role in containing fire…

The Istanbul Aydin University recently decided to replace their existing fire protection system with a Cerberus Pro system from Siemens.
Protecting our universities from fire protects our past and our future

Guaranteeing the safety of our educational facilities has always been a challenge. Today the size…

Water mist from the nozzle head uses 90% less water than sprinklers and causes less damage.
Plumis – Negotiating a complex labyrinth of research

Plumis, the James Dyson Award-winning inventors of the Automist active fire protection concept and manufacturers…

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