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The frequency of uncontrolled fire exposure in engineered buildings is low due primarily to the effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems. However, certain events and/or circumstances may result in uncontrolled fire exposure that may affect a building’s structural system. During such extraordinary events, heating of structural

London housing provider, Lewisham Homes, has partnered with the London Fire Brigade, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and British Automatic Sprinkler Association (BASFA) to carry out world first experiments in fire safety. The tests examined how effective residential sprinkler systems are at suppressing mobility scooter

The automatic sprinkler system is the most commonly used fire protection system for industrial and commercial occupancies. Sprinkler systems were first employed in the early 20th Century to protect the equipment and textile goods stored in multi-story textile mills. Ceilings in such buildings were low

Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) had enormous problems with false alarms caused by its old fire safety system. To ensure reliable protection for the expansive campus consisting of ten buildings – ten faculties and a large technology center – the private university opted for a Cerberus

While it’s the new aircraft that have grabbed the headlines, the associated ground support structure for Project Airseeker is equally important in terms of maximising the effectiveness of this investment. To that end, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) made it a priority to provide new