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Bladder tank with wetting agent Firefive® designed and produced by Tema Sistemi S.p.A.
FireFive® – The Micelle encapsulator era

Firefive® micelle encapsulator is a technologically advanced product, incorporating a revolutionary wetting agent, designed to…

J112 Features & Benefits: ■ Made in USA ■ K 5.6 / 80 ■ 155˚F / 68˚C & 200˚F / 93˚C ■ cULus approved to 175 psi / 12 Bar ■ Bare Stainless, White or Black polyester finish ■ Custom finishes are available ■ Bulletin 178
The first of their kind model G5-80F and model J112SS

Reliable’s proud history of investment in innovation continues with the launch of two new products,…

Albert Van Der Hout, Sales & Product Development Director at 4EVAC, with a prototype of the IMPACT controller at ISE earlier this year.
4EVAC – Brace Yourself for IMPACT! 4EVAC’s new IMPACT launches at Security Essen

Security Essen 18 will see the debut of voice alarm (VA) and public address (PA)…

Easy Lock pipes and fittings are connected in one simple movement without the need for adhesive.
Kunkook Easy Lock – Aspirating smoke detection pipes and fittings

With today’s smart and intelligent super-high-rise buildings and the increase in the number of data…

Extover® is simply poured over the fire in sufficient quantity. Even hard-to-manage metal fires can be extinguished with Extover® (in this case burning sodium).
Extover – Special extinguishing agent for lithium battery fires and metal fires

Extover® is a special extinguishing agent for lithium batteries and metal fires. Both types of…

TLX Technologies
TLX Technologies – Actuator designed for systems with operating pressures to 300 Bar

TLX Technologies introduced its newest actuation device for fire suppression systems at the 2018 Intersec…

The LoopDrive FIM in casing.
4EVAC – New LoopDrive FIM safeguards any Voice Alarm / Voice Evacuation system

Launched in 2015 the LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM) integrates 4EVAC’s patented technology to increase…

The New Reliable DDV – Diaphragm Deluge Valve.
Reliable – Introducing the Reliable diaphragm deluge valve range

When the risk from fire to property and critical business processes is at the highest…

SOTERIA Dimension combines functionality and style.
Apollo – Refining fire detection with new Soteria® Dimension®

The SOTERIA® range of fire detection devices from Apollo Fire Detectors has an exciting new…

An Emaar electrician at work installing Thermarestor in a distribution board at Dubai Shopping Mall.
Thermarestor – Goes from strength to strength

The latter months of 2017 have been a busy time for the Thermarestor team, both…

The Fireray One protectinga warehouse application.
The Fireray One – The beam smoke detector that aligns itself

With no specialist tools or knowledge needed for installation and operation, the Fireray One is…

CPVC or steel for fire sprinkler systems?

With so much talk surrounding adequate fire protection in the UK, one of the biggest challenges for many installers and specifiers will be finding, and implementing, the right system.

Steel piping for fire protection systems has become a traditional fixture in both new builds and retrofit projects throughout the UK and Europe. But with CPVC pipes on the market, should steel still be the preferred material for fire sprinkler systems?

BlazeMaster® CPVC piping is a specialty thermoplastic used reliably across more than 60 countries for decades, and poses a real challenge to traditional materials found in fire sprinkler systems in both cost, performance, and lasting quality. Here’s how:
Easy Installation

CPVC piping can be installed with a quick and simple one-step joining system, which eliminates the need for complicated heat-fusion techniques traditionally used in steel installations. CPVC is not just flexible – meaning it can get to hard-to-reach areas, but also light weight. For a standard DN25 pipe, CPVC weighs 0.390 kilograms per metre when empty. In comparison, steel systems can weigh 2.440 kilograms for the same measurement when empty.

4EVAC – Compact 500
4EVAC – Compact 500 – A new class of voice-alarm control and indication equipment solutions

Launched in 2016 the Compact 500 is a VACIE system is a unique ‘all in…

Touchscreen Guided User Interface – intuitive and easy to use.
Zettler Profile Flexible – The next step in fire detection solutions

Zettler profile Flexible is a powerful fire detection and alarm system that uses MZX Technology…

Opening the door to fire safety

Fire doors prevent the spread of fire and smoke through a building. They are specially designed to withstand fire for a certain amount of time (minimum 30 minutes) to protect the safety of building occupants and provide a safe route to get out of the building.

All fire doors should be closed in the event of a fire. This is usually achieved with a self-closing device or free-swing device. Fire doors are a vital part of a building’s fire strategy, and they can only do their job if they are closed. A wedged or propped open fire door prevents a fire door from closing, and therefore renders the fire door useless.

The safety of occupants cannot be guaranteed if a fire door is wedged open. And legally, if a building’s responsible person is judged to be putting someone’s life at risk by wedging fire doors open, they could suffer penalties.

Latching diaphragm solenoid valve designed for fluid control utilizing minimal power.
TLX Technologies – Addressing thermal requirements in fire protection applications

Products designed for complex environments are required to meet increasing market and regulatory demands for…

FireView controller (FV2801A).
FireView – Why do you pay more to inspect heat and smoke detectors?

If you are tired of changing aerosols or cartridges to test smoke detectors, FireView is…

Solo 365
Solo 365 – faster, simpler, cleaner – A new innovation for functional testing of smoke detectors

The year 2017 will be a huge year for the Solo range with some exciting…

40Wh battery fire.
LITH-EX Fire Extinguishers A portable fire extinguisher designed for Lithium battery fires

The news is filled with ever more examples of fires caused by Lithium batteries, from…

FIREVIEW (Standard Inspection Pole with Controller).
FireView Detector Test Kit – A unique all-in-one solution for reliable testing of smoke and heat fire detectors

To negate the risk of using ladders and scaffolding, the FiewView Detector Test Kit has…

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