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Kingspan Tarec Kooltherm FireSleeve

Complete Solutions from Kingspan Tarec

Limiting the spread of smoke and fire is a key consideration for any building owner, and in order to do this effectively, thought needs to be given to every aspect of the design and specification, including building services. Using pipe insulation that has a good fire rating will go a long way towards reducing the risks, but what happens with building services penetrations, which can open the way for a fire to spread?

To resolve this issue, Kingspan Tarec has recently launched the Kingspan Tarec Kooltherm FireSleeve, a slim solution that expands to several times its normal size in the event of fire. This helps to seal service penetrations, preventing the spread of fire and potentially reinstating the original fire rating of a building element.

The Kooltherm FireSleeve comprises an intumescent layer inside a stainless steel facing and is sealed at both ends with compressible rings. When exposed to high levels of heat, the intumescent swells and forms a hard char that closes any gaps between the pipework and the penetration edge. The product achieves a two-hour fire integrity rating tested to BS EN 1366 and is particularly suited for use on fire-rated constructions where inadequately sealed building service penetrations can act as a channel for smoke and flames.

To allow a straightforward installation, the 205mm Kooltherm FireSleeve features a secure clasp fastening and is supplied pre-wrapped around a 300mm section of Kingspan Tarec Kooltherm FM pipe insulation. The product is currently available in a range of sizes to fit Kooltherm FM pipe insulation installed on either steel or copper pipework. Kooltherm FM pipe insulation products and systems have a densely cross-linked structure that makes them difficult to ignite and when subjected to fire, the outer surface forms a strong carbonaceous layer that limits heat generation and retards further flame spread.

Fire & Smoke Performance
The reaction to fire classification for Kooltherm pipe insulation is determined by its performance in the single burning item (SBI) test, which measures total heat release (THR), fire rate growth index (FIGRA) and lateral flame spread (LFS). In addition to the reaction to fire classes A to F, products subjected to the SBI test are also classified into one of three smoke production sub-classes ranging from the highest (best) class of s1 to the lowest (worst) class of s3. The final sub-classification for construction products subjected to the SBI test is for flaming droplets/particles, which is also divided up into one of three classes ranging from the highest (best) class of d0 to the lowest (worst) class of d2.

Kooltherm FM pipe insulation holds a Euroclass rating of BL-s1, d0. The subscript L on BL indicates that the fire test has been carried out on pipe insulation as placed on the market, not a flat indicative sample. This is the highest/best reaction to fire classification available to phenolic foam insulation under BS EN 14314 and represents market-leading performance.

Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation is also FM Approved per Approval Standard Class 4924, a Flame Spread Index of ∂25 when tested to ASTM E 84, achieving Class A, and achieves results to BS 476-6 and BS 476-7 that combined enable a Class 0 classification to the Building Regulations in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and a Low Risk classification to the Building Standards in Scotland.

Kingspan Tarec Kooltherm FireSleeve

A Complete Solution
From premium performance pipe insulation, to insulated pipe supports and intumescent fire sleeves, Kingspan Tarec systems offer a complete solution to enhance and protect building services and their surroundings. Kingspan Tarec provides free, expert advice and guidance on everything from the latest regulatory requirements and best practice to detailed project specific advice and solutions, via its Pipeline Technical Advisory Service.

For more information, go to www.kingspantarec.com



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