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Dafo Fomtec

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Dafo Fomtec is an independent Swedish manufacturer of fire fighting foam concentrates and foam equipment. Dafo Fomtec is a global supplier with customers on all continents and in all market sectors. Our products can be found in use in petrochemical plants, airports, armed forces, ports, offshore, civil defence and many other sectors in over 50 countries. Our global business is supported by a wide range of international approvals such as UL, FM, EN 1568, ICAO, IMO and MED.

Fire fighting foam

Dafo Fomtec develops and manufactures the following complete range of fire fighting foams:

  • Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF)
  • Alcohol-resistant aqueous film forming foam (ARC AFFF)
  • Fluorine-free foams (Enviro)
  • High expansion foam
  • Class A (wildfire / forest fire foam)
  • Film forming fluoro protein (FFFP)
  • Alcohol-resistant aqueous film forming fluoro protein (ARC FFFP)
  • Fluoro protein foam (FP)
  • Protein foam (P)

Fire fighting foam equipment

Dafo Fomtec’s range of foam equipment covers the following main product groups:

  • Nozzles and branchpipes
  • Monitors
  • Bladdertanks
  • Proportioners and proportioning systems
  • High expansion generators
  • Storage tank protection


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