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Detectortesters new range of smoke aerosols – now available!

Following a year of change that saw new regulations and new products introduced, Detectortesters have recently confirmed that their full 2018 range of smoke aerosols is now available.

Among the new products is the Solo A10s smoke aerosol.  This product is one of two new options now available for use with the industry leading Solo 330 dispenser. Compliant with latest regulations, Solo A10s is an HFC-free and non-flammable solution. Working in exactly the same way as its predecessor, Solo A3, the new aerosol works with the Solo 330 dispenser to offer full functional testing of smoke detectors.

With Solo A3 no longer manufactured, Solo A10s has quickly proved the number one alternative – with fire engineers and building owners clearly keen to continue using a compliant, non-flammable solution.  Solo A10s is available in the same 250ml can as the Solo A3. It features the distinctive blue and white can artwork and carries the industry leading Solo brand.

The Detectortesters full smoke aerosol range now consists of:

Solo A10s

250ml smoke detector tester for use with Solo 330 dispenser (Non-flammable). A smaller sized 150ml can of Solo A10 is also available.

Solo A5

A 250ml smoke detector tester for use with Solo 330 dispenser (flammable).


Designed for hand-held testing, perfect for occasional use or as a back-up for your main tester.

Read ‘Product changes – are you ready?’ for more information on the updates to our aerosol product range and the reasons behind the changes.

For more information please visit: www.detectortesters.com

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