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Dr Sthamer – Hamburg

Dr Sthamer – Hamburg

As Europe’s foremost Fire Fighting Foam Manufacturer, Dr Sthamer – Hamburg has been developing and producing foams since the 1920’s. Dr Sthamer is a Hamburg based independent family owned business founded in 1886.

Dr Sthamer have been formulating firefighting protein and fluoro-protein based foams as well as AFFF, AR-AFFF and Fluorine Free Foams.

Their latest generation foams are divided into 3 product families:

  • Fluorinated AFFF and AR-AFFF using the latest C6 Carbon chain fluorosurfactants in full compliance with the US EPA 2015 requirements and the EU 757/2010 POP (Persistent Organic Pollutants) Directives. These foams are independently tested and certified by 3rd party laboratories to EN1568, UL, IMO, MED, ICAO LASTFire Etc.
  • Fluorine Free Foams, AR-Fluorine Free Foams, Class A 0.5% and 1% Foams, CAF’s Foams, High Expansion Foams and Wetting agents all with 3rd Party Independent certification.
  • Protein based foams, including FluoroProtein foams with UL Listing, EN1568 and IMO1312 approvals.

Dr Sthamer Foams, are suppliers to the Petrochemical Oil and Gas Industries, Aviation, Marine and Offshore and to Municipal and Military market customers Worldwide.

We operate a 24/7 Emergency Supply capability, and can mobilise supplies at any time of day or night for worldwide shipments, by truck and air.

For more information, go to www.sthamer.com

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