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Image courtesy of Eaton

Eaton JOCKEY Touch™ Jockey Pump Controllers – One Size Fits All

Why Touchscreen?
As the use of smart devices increases globally, color touchscreens are being incorporated into a wide variety of manufacturers’ products. They are reliable, offer greater flexibility and are intuitive to the user.

The new JOCKEY Touch™ Jockey Pump Controllers from Eaton are the first series of controllers to incorporate a color LCD touchscreen with advanced features and functions, normally found only in full size Fire Pump Controllers.

The JOCKEY Touch™ LCD display unit allows the user to program basic system parameters via the Quick Setup menu, such as Date, Time of day, Start Pressure, Stop Pressure and Run Period Timer values. Alternately, full system parameters can be programmed quickly and easily using the standard programming menu prompts.

Global Reach
The JOCKEY Touch™ is suitable for use globally due to the wide supply voltage and frequency input ranges (3 phase – 220VAC to 600VAC 50/60Hz; 1 phase – 110VAC to 240VAC 50/60Hz) as well as the ability to select multiple languages, multiple agency approvals and a 55 degrees C rating.

Reduced Inventory
Due to these features being incorporated, the user can stock a minimal number of controllers to cover many different applications. Three models cover approximately 57% of possible applications, while ten models will cover approximately 92% of all applications.

Image courtesy of Eaton

Image courtesy of Eaton

As well as being flexible and intuitive, the JOCKEY Touch™ is the first jockey pump controller to incorporate voltage measurement, history recording and a USB port for downloading message history and uploading new firmware and languages. The history recording can be used as a backup to the main fire pump controller, should it be required.

Additional flexibility is achieved by the inclusion of two Virtual LEDs that can be programmed for up to 22 different functions and will indicate in one of five selectable colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue). As well, multiple digital timers can be selected and programmed that give a countdown indication of time remaining.

Remote starting and stopping can be achieved using the customizable inputs and output relays.

Component Reduction
As a result of the advanced features and functions incorporated into the JOCKEY Touch™ controller, several common components such as fusing and transformers that are voltage and frequency specific are no longer required. This results in fewer components, less connection points and makes the controller easier to troubleshoot.

The JOCKEY Touch™ controllers have been designed to cover standard and custom applications with the ability to comply with future code requirements and changes.

We encourage you to try a JOCKEY Touch™ controller today.

For more information, go to www.chfire.com

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