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ECO-Sure CO Sensors for Multi-Criteria Fire Detection

ECO-Sure CO Sensors for Multi-Criteria Fire Detection

False fire alarms are not just a nuisance but mean downtime, loss of business and waste the valuable efforts of emergency services. If alarms sound unnecessarily, people lose confidence in the system. This could mean your business would be downgraded in response by the fire service and ultimately, could threaten life if alarms are ignored in a real fire situation.

All fires produce three common elements ñ Carbon Monoxide (CO), heat and particulate matter. Multi-criteria based fire detection systems offer the most promising means to detect these elements.

The ECO-Sure X is a unique, high quality and low cost Carbon Monoxide sensor, specifically designed to meet the growing demand for CO detection and comes with additional benefit of 10-year warranty. Using a unique, patented design, ECO-Sure X is designed to meet all the requirements of the latest LPC and VDS standards for fire detection using gas sensors, in addition to BS7860, EN50291, UL2034 and CSA16.9. This sensor is at the heart of fire detection and Carbon Monoxide monitoring instruments worldwide.

Please visit www.euro-gasman.com for our specialist range of gas sensors and gas detection solutions or contact Euro-Gas Ltd at sales@euro-gasman.com and tel: +44 (0)1803 844414.


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