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Efectis is a global player in fire science and covers all fire safety expertise in testing and modeling, certification, education and inspection.

Based on its 65 years of experience, from small scale to large scale, from materials to construction, Efectis is assessing the fire performance of your products, system or your entire project. Whatever the domain – nuclear, transportion, dwellings, infrastructure, tunnels, high rise buildings, industrial process and storage, offices; Whatever is required – fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems, equipments. With 10 fire resistance furnaces and 15 facilities for reaction to fire testing we perform over 2500 test per year. Our reports are recognized in 30 countries and for over 800 accredited tests.

And when testing in our laboratory is not an option, Efectis offers to perform the test on site using mobile furnaces. The MobiFire®can be applied to all kinds of structural elements, such as ceilings, floors, roofs and walls. The damage to the structure will be very limited, thanks to the fire controllability. All fire curves are possible; ISO, RWS, HCM. for any desired duration.


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