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Fire Safety made easy with Freedor

Premises with a big influx of people such as offices, restaurants and residential homes can as expected, get very busy. Fire doors are safety devices which help prevent the spread of fire. They are a critical part of safety precautions and required to be closed in the event of a fire.

However, heavy fire doors can prove to be an obstacle when easy access is needed throughout a building. Wedging or propping open the doors may seem convenient but ultimately poses a dangerous risk in the event of a fire.

Fireco offers an ideal and trusted solution with Freedor. Freedor is a free swing fire door closer which removes the weight and resistance from a fire door. This makes opening and closing the doors effortless, enabling greater ease of access and provides freedom for everyone in the building. Keeping fire doors open also ensures that there is good air flow into the building which gives a fresh and healthy working and living environment. Freedor then continually listens out for the sound of the fire alarm, and once the alarm has been verified, will automatically close the door, making it a safe and legal solution.

Simply fitted to the top of a fire door, the unit is wireless and battery powered. This ensures a quick and hassle-free install, meaning jobs on site are finished on time with no mess, making them a great choice for installers. Richard Freemantle at DoorTECH has been installing Freedor for his clientele for a number of years “Unlike hard wired alternatives, being a wireless unit means we can do our installs quickly and there is less mess, saving us time to do more jobs.”

Fireco offer installers an approachable partner who are on hand to offer unlimited support and advice from initial communication to after care. Richard continues “Fireco provides a great service – they demonstrated how simple the products are to operate and install, deliveries come through on time and there is always someone to answer any questions quickly. They’re a reliable and supportive business partner.”

As a tried and tested product with over 15,000 in the field, Freedor is proving to be a popular product. Alister Rooney, Proprietor at Arma Fire commented “We have sold hundreds of Freedor simply because there is a market as our customers need them. As fire risk assessors, whenever we see a door that doesn’t have the right solution we automatically recommend Freedor. There is potential in the market and demand for Freedor will grow.”

Complying with the relevant British and European standards, Freedor is a safe, inexpensive and easy solution to the problem of wedged open fire doors.

For more information, go to www.fireco.uk

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<p>Fireco manufacture fire safety products that make compliance easy. Easy to fit, easy to use, Fireco can provide the solution to your fire safety problems. Products include Dorgard, a wire free fire door retainer that lets you hold open fire doors legally, and Freedor, the overhead door closer that closes automatically when the fire alarm sounds and takes the weight out of heavy fire doors.</p>

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