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FireDos – The Name for Proportioners & Monitors

FireDos is a dynamic, medium-sized German company that has been operating successfully for more than 25 years in the highly specialised field of dosing technology that does not require any external power supply. For the past decade and a half, the company has established an international reputation for its products under the FireDos name. More recently though, it has expanded its offering and today also designs and manufactures a wide range of high-quality firefighting monitors.

Thanks to their many advantages, FireDos proportioners quickly gained an enviable reputation and today there are several thousand installed around over the world, ready around the clock to safeguard high-risk environments at a moment’s notice.

Much of this reputation is founded in the fact that FireDos is responsible for every aspect of its products. Every stage is handled in-house, from design and development, registration and production –including the manufacture of most components – through to sales and customer support service, quality assurance and environment management; all remain under FireDos control.

World Renowned Proportioners.
FireDos proportioners are suitable for the proportioning of fluids and work reliably and at a constant proportioning rate without the need for any external energy, even under changing pressure conditions.

The drive is provided entirely by the extinguishing water flow. The water flows through the water motor, which is installed directly in the extinguishing water line. The extinguishing water flow is therefore available entirely for firefighting, without any loss. The number of rotations of the water motor is proportional to the volume flow rate of the extinguishing water.

The water motor and proportioning pump are connected with each other via a coupling, and therefore operate at the same speed. A purely mechanical system, which regulates itself automatically; the more extinguishing water that flows through the water motor, the more extinguishing agent is added, and vice versa. The proportioning rate is elected by the user and always remains constant.


New Firefighting Monitors.
Last year, FireDos took at major step in the company’s development and after extensive research and development added a new generation of firefighting monitors to its product offering. Not that monitor technology was new to the company, as key personnel in the company have more than 100 years’ experience in monitor design, development, manufacture, distribution and service. As FireDos customers expect, the new monitors share the same pedigree as the company’s proportioners; they are robustly engineered, with high-end technical performance characteristics.

The new range will ultimately comprise the M2 (up to 2500 litres-a-minute), the M3 (up to 4000 litres-a-minute), the M4 (up to 6000 litres-a-minute), the M5 (up to 10000 litres-a-minute), the M7 (up to 20000 litres-a-minute), and the M12 (up to 50000 litres-a-minute). The first of these to be introduced was the M4 with a volumetric flow rate of water of up to 6000 litres-a-minute. All FireDos monitors feature the ground-breaking “oval flat design” and are suitable for water, foam or powder output, can be supplied in aluminium or bronze alloys, with manual or electrical actuation (direct or alternating current).

For more information, go to www.firedos.de

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