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Firetrace offers industry leading solutions for both full room and equipment / enclosure fire protection.

The original Firetrace systems, featuring the Firetrace Detection Tubing, are the proven self-contained, self-actuating systems that are protecting more than 250,000 pieces of equipment worldwide. From bus engines to electrical panels, Firetrace can protect nearly any enclosure. Systems are available with a selection of suppression agents to deliver the best possible protection for any hazard. The innovative E4 Novec 1230 clean agent system utilizes increased pressure to get the best performance from low pressure, low cost hardware. The increased performance translates to smaller piping requirements and the potential for larger piping networks that can feature unprecedented cylinder to nozzle capabilities in a low-pressure system.

New for 2016, Firetrace has completed its engineered systems line by offering both conventional and analog addressable control systems. These systems utilize the latest technology in smoke detection and feature virtually unlimited flexibility in single and multi-zone applications. Now, customers can specify the complete Clean Agent Fire Suppression from one reliable source – Firetrace.


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