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FireView controller (FV2801A).

FireView – Why do you pay more to inspect heat and smoke detectors?

If you are tired of changing aerosols or cartridges to test smoke detectors, FireView is here for you. Don’t spend any extra money to buy aerosol sprays or cartridges. FireView contains an affordable and sustainable smoke generation system which eliminates the need for additional smoke spray purchases. With only a bottle of smoke oil ($25), you can test approximately 2000 smoke detectors with FireView. FireView offers full prevention to the deterioration of the detector sensitivity while negating residue build-up within the smoke detector. The fan attached to the head of the inspection pole quickly removes any residual smoke remaining inside the detector speeding up the testing process without fuss. The smoke oil is UL certified and listed product and is not harmful to human and environment.

FIREVIEW (Standard Inspection Pole with Controller).

One of our company’s missions is to deliver superior results with quality products for an affordable price to make the world safer and better place to live in. To align this mission, FireView has a very strong competitive price in the market, which is almost a half of the price of alternative testers.

In addition to its patented unique smoke generating system and affordable product price, FireView also offers Add-on’s which enable customers to benefit from a few more features. You can not only test the Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors (Explosion Proof Detectors), but also the Flame Detectors (Infrared Detectors) just by changing the head of the tester. The detector removal tool can simply be attached to the inspection pole to easily remove the detectors mounted on a ceiling. Detectors on a high ceiling? Not a problem at all. The 6 meter and 10 meter inspection poles are here for you. The standard inspection pole extends up to 2.5m and you can even make it much longer up to 10m with the replaceable extension pole. By just simply replacing the standard inspection pole to the extension pole, you can effortlessly test and remove fire detectors on ceilings.

FireView in action. Easy to hold with one hand due to its light weight. The standard pole can extend up to 2.3m.

FireView in action. Easy to hold with one hand due to its light weight. The standard pole can extend up to 2.3m.

Due to its reliability and strong advantages it can offer, many users keen to use FireView switching from alternative testers. The increasing demands led us to open another assembly line to meet our customers’ needs, which enabled us to shorten the lead time significantly.

For more information, email us at FireView.America@gmail.com or see us at the 2017 NFPA Exhibition in Boston.

For more information, go to www.wonfire.co.kr

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