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FlexHead is the premier manufacturer of flexible sprinkler connections for use in commercial suspended ceiling, industrial ducts, institutional applications and cleanroom applications.

  • FlexHead products are FM approved and UL listed to the latest approval standards including UL2443.
  • FlexHead products require no additional hanger per NFPA13.
  • FlexHead hoses are fully welded and factory leak checked prior to shipping insuring no leaks on the job.
  • A FlexHead can be installed at least (4) times faster than traditional hard-pipe, which can significantly increase productivity of the installers. Benefits include: perfect center of tile installation, fast-track construction, simplified project management, and virtually eliminating all your punch list items.
  • FlexHead commercial product satisfactorily completed full-scale seismic qualification testing .The flexibility of the FlexHead hose allows the sprinkler head to move with the ceiling system in any direction during a seismic event without causing damage to the sprinkler system.

FlexHead offers a full line of all 304 stainless steel hoses in lengths from 2ft through 6ft. FlexHead products are perfect for any application including office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail and more!


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