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FOGTEC Diesel Pump Unit with 125 l/min @ 120 bar.

FOGTEC – Off-grid fire protection with high pressure water mist systems

FOGTEC Fire Protection, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water mist fire protection systems with 20 years of experience. FOGTEC systems are protecting thousands of fire risks in buildings and different industrial sites all over the globe including tailor-made solutions for rolling stock applications and integrated firefighting systems for tunnels and underground facilities.

FOGTEC high pressure water mist systems operate at a pressure of around 100 bar. Pure water is discharged through specially designed, stainless steel nozzles to create a fine water mist with droplet sizes smaller than 100 microns. In the presence of fire the water mist droplets evaporate, thus rapidly decrease the temperature, displace the oxygen locally at the fire’s source and protect people and property against the effects of radiated heat.

New smart pack power back up

For fire protection refurbishment of existing buildings challenges often occur in conjunction with the electric power supply of the required pump units. In these cases, the FOGTEC Smart Pack offers an independent power supply of FOGTEC pump units with different performance levels for pump system operation times of 30 and 60 minutes. The Smart Pack unit consists of a compact control unit and an energy storage cabinet which are connected to the control cabinet of the FOGTEC pump system. The unit can be fed by a normal domestic power supply as charging source.

FOGTEC Smart Pack Power Back-Up up to 90 kW.

FOGTEC Smart Pack Power Back-Up up to 90 kW.

New diesel driven pump unit

In some cases the electrical power supply on site is not sufficient to operate the high pressure pump units of water mist firefighting systems. In such applications a FOGTEC diesel driven pump unit can be used to secure the pump unit operation time of 30 up to 90 minutes. The compact diesel pump unit consists of a compact water cooled diesel engine directly coupled to a high pressure positive displacement pump. The unit is fitted with a control cabinet monitoring all functions. It can be hydraulically connected to a dedicated water storage tank or to the drinking water supply via a booster pump or filtration unit.

FOGTEC Diesel Pump Unit with 125 l/min @ 120 bar.

FOGTEC Diesel Pump Unit with 125 l/min @ 120 bar.

The Smarter Way of Fire Fighting!

For more information, go to www.FOGTEC.com

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