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FOGTEC – Renowned for Water Mist Suppression

FOGTEC was established in Cologne, Germany in 1997 and today has offices in Germany, France, Austria, Brazil, India, China and Saudi Arabia, plus more than 60 licensed partners in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The company specialises in the development, manufacturing and marketing of stationary and mobile fire detection and firefighting equipment, focusing particularly – but not exclusively – on the fire protection of rail systems, tunnel systems, industrial facilities and buildings, ships and oil platforms.

With more than 60 system partners worldwide, Fogtec is a market leader for land-based water mist systems. The company’s primary aim is to continuously improve the protection of people and property with its water mist systems. By its 24/7 service-disposition the company is available to its customers around the clock.

World Class Technology.
The company’s systems use pure water, converting it to fine water mist at a pressure of 80 bar to 200 bar. 

In a fire, mist droplets rapidly evaporate, and their volume increases by a factor of 1650. This displaces the oxygen locally at the fire’s source and suffocates the fire. The strong cooling effect serves not only to fight the fire but also protects people and property against the effects of radiated heat. These water mist systems are not only 100 percent environmentally friendly; they are often more effective than conventional gaseous or water firefighting technologies.

Fogtec water mist systems present state-of-art technology with proven efficiency in a number of full-scale fire tests. Special water mist nozzles are the heart of every Fogtec system. They are optimised for specific applications and have undergone extensive testing with independent testing houses such as Factory Mutual, to ensure their reliability. Every Fogtec water mist nozzle is subjected to a 100 percent quality test.

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Excellent References Worldwide.
Fogtec comprises three separate business units: fixed systems, tunnel systems and rail systems.

The fixed systems unit specialises in water mist systems for a number of different fixed and mobile applications and offers fire protection solutions for environments and fire safety challenges that include archives and libraries, clean rooms and flammable liquid stores, power plants and cable tunnels to name but a few. The Mecca Clock Tower, Tianjin Museum in China and the Bharati Research Station (Antarctic) rank among its excellent references.

The tunnel department concentrates on the protection of underground facilities such as tunnels and metro stations. Specially trained engineers provide consultancy services as well as turnkey solutions. Cooperation with researchers and tunnel owners, as well as manufacturers of complementary products, has led to the development of products specifically suited for tunnel applications. Fogtec has successfully protected a number of tunnels with full-scale tested technology such as the Eurotunnel, Virgolo tunnel (Italy) and the Dartford Crossing (UK).

Fogtec rail systems, another business unit of the company, has specialised in developing and selling user-specific fire protection solutions in the rail transportation sector. Its fire detection products ranges from the simple smoke switch to complex fire detection systems, including data transmission by SMS to any cell phone or to the control unit. In the firefighting sector, the portfolio ranges from autonomous object protection systems to complex modules for integration into vehicles. Fogtec rail systems are, for example, protecting the metropolitan trains of Sydney and Sao Paulo and have equipped trains of the Finnish operator Junakalusto Oy.

For more information, go to www.fogtec.com.


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