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FST prevents potential disaster

Members of staff at a South Yorkshire Mental Healthcare Unit have prevented a potential disaster by using one of their new Fire Suppression Tools (FSTs). Less than two months after taking delivery of them, and receiving full training in their use, an FST was deployed to fully extinguish a fire on a ward.

When the fire alarm sounded, two members of staff rushed to the ward to discover that a patient had set fire to his bedding and some clothes. They attempted to tackle the fire with extinguishers, without success, so they decided to deploy the FST.

The FST was activated and slid into the ward. The door was closed and the device was left to do its job, freeing the staff to participate fully in the fire plan. When the fire brigade arrived on scene they reported that the fire was fully extinguished and only a small amount of water was required to dampen down two secondary small fires that the patient had started behind the bathroom door.

By deploying the FST the fire damage was limited, so the ward was re-decorated and re-occupied within a few days. The Head of Estates and Facilities at the NHS Trust commented that every ward should have one of these FSTs. In fact several hospitals now have them as part of their fire defence.

For more information about these devices and the fire incident, including photos and comments from the South Yorkshire Fire Service and members of staff, please go to contact us on either of the numbers below.

John Maxfield
07917 769133 / 01580 200198

Paul Petersen
07721 666566 / 01483 766855

For more information, go to www.firesuppressiontechnology.co.uk

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