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The Esento Marine range from Haes has been exclusively developed to address the issues of limited form and function in the conventional panels market for use at sea.

Designed with the severity of the potential situation in mind, these new panels are equipped with programmable delays to outputs which allow time for an investigation before invoking a full evacuation or muster alarm.

Not only does this new feature-rich panel mitigate false alarms with three false alarm management mode options, it also contains additional components within the casing to ensure it’s not disrupted by increased vibrations encountered during a journey.

Reliability and adaptability lie at the heart of this new range and with availability of 2-12 conventional zones, it’s the perfect choice for the fire safety of all small to medium seafaring vessels across the globe.

Haes are proud to announce that our Esento Marine range of marine approved, conventional control panels have now received approvals from Lloyds Register and the American Bureau of Shipping.

For more information, go to www.haes-systems.com

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