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Honeywell CO detector saves widow’s life

A Widow’s life was saved by the carbon monoxide alarm she fitted in her home. Margie Cosker is a 68-year-old widow who lives alone in a cottage in a Devon village. One Saturday evening the carbon monoxide alarm in her sitting room started sounding.

Investigations by two gas engineers failed to detect the source of the deadly gas until it was found to be a bucket containing ashes emptied from a multi-fuel burner in the sitting room.

“The gas engineer had no doubt that the carbon monoxide alarm had saved my life,” said Margie. “The bucket of ash that was the source of the problem practically exploded when he took it outside and poured water on it. Although I knew that carbon monoxide is colourless and has no smell, I had not realised how easily generated it is. Without the alarm I would not be here to tell the tale.”

Margie borrowed another detector from a neighbour’s, however this failed to detect the source of the carbon monoxide in her home. Prior to the discovery of the ash bucket one of the gas engineers was on the point of calling the fire service because he had not been able to identify the source of the carbon monoxide leak from the domestic appliances.

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